Pimping Out Dregman

dregToday, I’m pimping out Dreg from all natural me dot com.  Not only is he an extremely talented graphic artist, but he’s a good looking guy as well, even in skeletal form.

Hey, if you like the looks around here, you can thank the stars that I did think he was a cutie or we’d have never hooked up to make lots of all natural me babies, the Naturally Us Comic and this ever-happening blog.

Dreg has many talents to dip into, including web design, illustrations, experience in print and apparel design, making great logos and banners to help companies with their advertising needs and, I must say, he is also very good at doing the dishes.

If you’re looking for an updated look to promote your website, have The Dreg do a custom banner for you!  He’s a genuine Snickers bar when it comes to giving you the right edge for your business.   And don’t worry, he won’t make it creepy like his self-portrait unless that’s what you need.

You can admire his portfolio at dreg.allnaturalme.com


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