Plan it Green Live Online Building Game


I wanted to share this online gem that my son found in a National Geographic magazine.

It’s an online building game where you create the city and try to improve its green-ness. It’s a great way to learn eco-friendly methods while you manage your town.

Ayden definitely seems to like it very much – he keeps sneaking on to play it more and more lol

“But mom! I just switched over to solar energy and need to check my energy levels! I’m pretty sure all my updates have been completed!! Do you know you can flush your toilets with gray water?”

Omg!! What environmentally conscious mother is going to say no to that!!


Plan It Green Live is the ultimate in online educational video games. Make your own unique city. Manage the cities infrastructure and make improvements to create a sustainable and happy place for your citizens to live. Watch the Plan It Green Live trailer below to learn more.

Click the play button to start the trailer.

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