Plant a Victory Garden


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This is so important!!

Best crafty thing you can do – make your own garden! Create intentions to be a little more self-reliant and grow food – a little bit or a lot, just grow something!!!

Remember to buy good seeds too! Purchase organic or heirloom varieties from a trusted source –

Gardening is fun & you’ll be proud – hooray for homegrown!!!

2 Replies to “Plant a Victory Garden”

  1. I plant a garden every year, but since I have moved I have a lot more room now and I can’t wait to get started. All my seeds are heirloom non-hybrids. Homegrown is the best – Organic is even better.

    1. eeek! i almost can’t believe it’s time to start seeds! i actually don’t have the best indoor space for sprouting, but i feel like i have to start something ūüôā in June though, there’s a really great herb festival in cooksforest, pa that i use as my backup plan for anything i didn’t start myself!

      but still – i know i shouldn’t rely on others when I *could* do it myself (i guess)

      do you have a favorite you’re super excited about this year?

      i do –


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