Play dough colored with beets


I’m convinced, play clay or play dough – can literally be made out of anything.

This morning, as the sun was just thinking about rising, I was planning play dough. I knew most cook recipes called for cream of tartar but if we had any, I couldn’t find it. I also had this lower quality box mix that makes biscuits & pancakes that because of its hydrogenated oil and aluminum baking powder, I didn’t really want to eat it but thought it might work for my play clay experiment.

So I used:

2 cups crappy flour mix
1 cup all purpose flour
Maybe 3/4 cup salt
Couple spoonfuls canola oil
3 cups warm water with a
Big honking scoop of dried beet powder for color
2 dumps of White vinegar (approx 3 tsps)
A bit of Vanilla extract
Lavender essential oil to massage in when it cools

I mixed everything but the lavender oil in a big pot & stirred & cooked it til it turned thick and pulled away from the pan. I let that big pink blob cool and then worked in some good smelly essence to infuse love & calming energy. And a benefit of some early morning mama handwork time, the play dough’s appearance improved making it more smooth & pliable.




We all enjoyed our beet colored play dough time & actually the littlest bears are still playing peacefully at the table while I sit with my cyber student (here mostly for moral support & to cuddle).

My thoughts drift back to cooking play dough & wonder if I could infuse some rye flour in my next batch. There’s a bunch of that in the cupboard. I wonder if it will work? Sure, why not! This may be a good way to use up the old flours indeed!

Then to decide – Make it yellow with turmeric or green with spirulina?? Decisions!!

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