Preserving Your Egg Harvest


Eggs!! If you’ve got chickens – you get them every day!!

With only 3 chickens, you can easily get a dozen eggs a week – maybe even more if they are super layers. A family of five totally keeps up with eating this amount. However, what if you are a solo chic and have 3 chickens or you’re a big family but you have 40 laying hens. You will find yourself with a lot of eggs!!

Sell them or share with friends? Sure – do it!!

Preserve them for the winter months when the hens slack off from laying? Yeah – you better.

Unless you want to go back to store bought eggs? Didn’t think so!!


So how do you preserve an egg?

Well, let’s try to just go with this one – there are some people (in most countries of the world) who do not put eggs in a refrigerator. Gasp! Yes Really!! Chickens have been around since… a long time! Refrigeration is comparatively, a fairly new thing so it kinda makes sense that eggs don’t need fridged. Yes, I do and you do but – we could get away with just storing them in a cool dark place. There may be a carton-flipping thing to do to keep the integrity of the yolk but – you can read the links at the bottom if you are seriously giving this a go! (Don’t just listen to me!! Research man!!)

Another trick to ensure preservation – coat the eggs with mineral oil. It blocks out air from going in the egg’s pores and supposedly lengthens the shelf life. Okay, maybe we don’t have to do things this way but – isn’t it good to know? Hello… any end of times, militia survivalist folks wanna back me up here?

Okay – modern survivalists, your methodology of preserving eggs can be freezing!! Since you have those solar panels in the back yard to keep your deep freezer, umm freezing – yes – FREEZE your extra eggs!

Just crack them in a freezable container, add a little salt and take a knife to gently cut threw the yolks to mix. DON’T be whipping those eggs, adding air is I guess, a no-no. Date it, freeze it, use them when you need it. Sounds easy? Seems so – I have 4 or 5 containers in my freezer with eggs for the emergency omelet making. NEVER ever hurts to have a back up supply. I’m all for preparedness. Kinda.


Here are those links I was squawking about:

How to Safely Preserve Fresh Eggs for 9 months

How to Freeze Eggs

Why Not to Freeze Hard Boiled Eggs or Egg Whites
(cuz they gets rubbery!!  sorry – ruined the surprise!!)

Farmer’s Breakfast Egg Casserole Recipe to Freeze or Bake

Tell me what you think – what would you be willing to try? If you’ve been freezing eggs – Can you tell a difference when using frozen eggs? Egg talk – bring it!

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  1. Great info. I have 19 chickens that I raised since they were only a few days old. They aren’t yet ready to lay, but I bet once they do….I’ll be in chaos mode, although I’m pretty sure I have enough friends and family around here who will want some. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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