Products Made From Waste

First of all, you should just know that I love worm poop.  Letting worms compost our food scraps and then gifting us with an awesome fertilizer is just well, pretty awesome.  So it’s no wonder that I totally dig a company whose very first product made from waste was indeed worm poop.

Since its fertile start, Terracycle has grown to include so many cool products such as bags created from used drink pouches and office supplies all made from things headed for the trash.  Many of their products reuse soda bottles for packaging and they even make a flower pot from 100% e-waste (such as crushed computers and fax machines). I’m not even sure how the hell that is possible but what an awesome way to redirect that trash.

Here’s a video for more TerraCycle horn tooting:

Join the brigades! And even earn some cash for non-profits by recycling your juice pouches, cookie wrappers, energy bar wrappers, corks, Bear Naked and Toasted Chips bags and you can get on the waiting list to recycle your Stoneyfield yogurt containers and soda bottles.

tn48 All Natural Me Says – Hooray for recycling everything that we can!

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  1. Terracycle is such a cool company! Very inovative & I absolutely LOVE the “Join the Brigades” opportunities!! Might have to see if our local green group, Big Lick~Green Drinks, wants to try and join the brigades. 🙂
    The *ONLY* thing I didn’t like was the backpacks and school/office products that so clearly show the labels of things they’re made from: oreo cookies, capri sun, etc. So many kids have such horrible eating habits, and those things aren’t exactly healthy options, that something that can look like advertising for the company just isn’t too cool. Even though you could argue that it might inspire conversation, knowledge, and learning, I’m concerned that it would still look like advertising to the un-eco eye.
    I actually had LifeSaver sheets for my bed when I was little, but they weren’t made from recycled LifeSavers. 🙁 😛

  2. Thanks for posting about TerraCycle! I’m proud to be part of a company that recycles the unrecyclable, while teaching kids about leading more sustainable lives and helping raise funds for their schools. Your support certainly helps 🙂


  3. I’ve seen the terracycle plant foods, but haven’t used them so far.
    I think this spring, we’ll have to check them out!

    And the Join the Brigades looks like an awesome opportunity to make a bigger change than what one person can do from home!

    I really enjoy all the information you provide! Thanks!

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