Recipe: Cantaloupe Cream Pie

My neighbor gave me a 9 pound cantaloupe. Yes, it was a big’ un & no, there is no way we can eat all. So I froze a little in a container to use later for a smoothie and the remaining 2 1/2 cups I puréed to make cantaloupe cream pie.

You may find the recipe here:





Blogging from my phone so the pictures maybe a bit out of order – but you get the idea I’m sure! One of the pies will have a lot of cantaloupe cream and the other one is kind of shallow but that’s okay for us meringue & graham cracker crust lovers… We could care less what’s in the middle!

Now, I just have to wait 10 minutes for the pies to brown up. And since I’ve been taste testing the ingredients all along, I’m sure it’s going to be fantastically yummy.

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