Recipe: Homemade Flour Tortillas

Last week, my mama friend Ann told me how she made homemade flour tortillas and they were delicious! Like totally awesome delicious and that I should try it – because it was EASY!!

I kind of remembered trying it one time and I kind of remembered making hard crispy super large crackers instead of tortillas…

And honestly, as I kind of remember it, I probably only used flour and water and forgot the most important step – the shortening.

So this time I found a great tutorial at and I tweaked her recipe to suit me – which didn’t stray too far off the path: I just used a little less Real Salt and instead of lard or vegetable shortening, I used….


And I opted to use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for all the mixing and kneading duties 🙂



The dough rolls out real easy and doesn’t even stick to anything – probably the high level of grease to thank for this!



At some point, remember to chop up an avocado & tomato, heat up the re-fried beans, shred the cheese and wish that you had sour cream.



Get the pan HOT – puffy bubbles are a good thing.


Can you tell we are related??






Dark brown, light brown – I ended up making some of each trying to guess the optimal heat setting.



All good – they are ummm, ALL GOOOOD!!!



(even in piggie mode, always time for a selfie)



To the left of the pan, I lined a casserole dish with a towel to wrap them in.  Keeps them warm and soft and warm and soft and did I mention warm and soft?  YUM!!!!



No need to grease your pan because the tortillas are basically self-greased with all that bacon butter…



These buggers are TASTY!!!

I really feel like Ann & I both need tortilla presses now 🙂

Here’s the adapted recipe:

2-1/2 cups All-purpose Flour
2-1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Real Salt
1/2 cup solid Bacon Grease
2 Tablespoons (additional) bacon butter lol
1 cup Hot Water

You cut the solid grease into the dry ingredients very well and then add the HOT water.

Knead it up, let it rest, pinch off golf ball sizes of dough and roll them bitches flat.

Make sure your cast iron pan is HOT, somewhere between medium & medium high.

You’ll find the heat groove or you’ll burn ’em OR if the heat is too low, they will get too hard.  Hot/Quick/Soft is what you’re going for.  They only take a couple minutes, fast cooking delicious things they are…

Be sure to visit Ree’s website for more thorough instructions!!

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