Recipe: Savory Sliced Baked Potatoes

So I have a funny potato story for ya – well, as humorous as baking potatoes can get anyways –

I’m sure if you’re the official dinner maker, you are regularly looking for side dish inspiration. Me too! And last night, I decided to utilize my Eating Pinterest Board and try making these sliced baked potatoes.


Yeah! I’m actually doing it! Putting Pinterest into action – taking food fantasy & making it real, oh yeah!!


The plan is to slice up the potato but do not cut the whole way through or you’ll chop off big chunks and chopped baked potatoes are not the plan, sliced baked potatoes are.

Clearly, not chopping down hard was a challenged for me!


Now to make them savory, mwahahaha, I just acted like a slacker here and sprinkled on some Old Bay. Yeah, I got lots of fresh herbs growing everywhere but – you know how Wednesday night dinners go sometimes… You, like me, may have reached that hump day point of “oh my gawd, do i have to feed your asses again??”


Yes, yes, you should feed everyone again. It’s your job.

So turn that oven on to 425 and bake those taters for 40 minutes.


Well, that’s what the recipe said – but if you are like me and have a broiler door on the bottom of your oven that your husband doesn’t feel like fixing, it will take a lot longer.


Like, don’t even plan on the potatoes being ready with the rest of the food.

Like, plan on them being in there forever.

And then, give up on them, turn off the oven, ask your husband to take them out in 10 minutes while you get the kids ready for bed because screw it, you’ll have to just use them for home fries tomorrow.


Um, yeah – that’s my oven. wth

But here’s what the photographical Pinterest inspiraton looked like:

Don’t they look good?? I really wanted them but it just didn’t happen. I went to bed. I was tired. All that potato slicing…

Oh & here’s the kicker, here’s the best damn part – the home fries, that were going to happen today, aren’t happening either because look what I just pulled out of the oven…


The savory sliced potatoes had a sleepover in the awesome oven.

I guess **i** forgot to put them away.

Because that’s my job too.

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