Recipe: Spicy Seaweed Popcorn



Healthy & Delicious!!  Once you start eating this homemade popcorn, you’ll just have to commit to finishing the entire bowl.

Grab your medium cast iron skillet and a lid that fits.  Add a good-sized spoonful of coconut oil & melt.  I use a lot!  Next, add your popcorn kernals and cover to let the poppety popping begin.

When your popcorn is finished, transfer to a bowl, leaving the unpopped old maids behind.  Then grab a sheet or two of Nori Seaweed (stuff you make sushi with) and crumple into little pieces over popcorn.  Shake a little salt and cayenne pepper to taste – don’t be afraid of the spicy stuff, it’s good for you!

And finally, toss gently with a big spoon to mix it all together and ENJOY!!


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