Recipes in My Kitchen this Week

Busy week in the kitchen for Sadie lady, that’s for sure!  I made new things, old favorites and STILL need to make more laundry soap!!

I had grapefruits to use up, so a gelatin was in order – Grapefruit Jella! (no brand naming in this house lol)

And I decided it was high time to commit to soaking the grains & flours we use…

Are you familiar with Weston A. Price??

Get on board! Free Cookbook right here ~

I printed it out, read it twice and am a true potential devotee now… kinda.

But first, before we start doing things the RIGHT way – an apple pie needs to happen, because there is premade crust in the freezer. READY to go 🙂 and after I found a recipe that used maple syrup instead of devil made suger… Perfect! It’s what’s for dinner tonight!!

Hmmm, what else???

Well, I soaked nuts & made the best darn pancakes ever on page 39 and started a turmeric bug… because… well because, why not!

I also made some coconut oil based chocolate coconut clusters – to prime the kids for sneaking in cod liver oil into them someday!

Well, that’s it! Let me know if you end up trying any of this crap, err, I mean delicious wholesome food stuffs 🙂

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