Recycle Egg Shells Back to the Chicken


I’m sure you’ve got a few clever ways of reusing egg shells up your sleeve – making vitamin plant water? starting seedlings? or maybe just composting those buggers? ha.

Well, if your eggs are coming from your back yard, why not recycle the egg shells back into the chicken as a calcium supplement & grit for their gizzards!


Here’s how to do this:

Put your washed egg shells on a baking sheet & bake em on low for 20 mins or so.

Let them cool. Put them in a plastic bag. Find a wooden hammer and 2 willing kids and put them to work pummeling the shells into bite sized pieces.

Give to chickens for the pecking.


The main reason you must break the shells up into small pieces is that you don’t want your chickens to get the idea of pecking their own eggs… because once they taste the yummy yolk, they will make a habit of it.

If your girls have started eating their own eggs, you’ll need to hollow out an egg & refill it with mustard. Wow! What a surprise that will be next time they go to have a snack! It’s definitely a way to break them of sabotaging your egg supply. Do what you gotta do farmer!!


When I went out to sing/visit with the Spice Girls (Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Paprika) I gave them a snack of leftover oatmeal, strawberry scraps & roasted egg shell bits on top. They went nuts; Deluxe pecking for sure!


Returning egg shells back to the chicken will also save you a trip to the feed store for oyster shells. An easy small effort in making your homestead hobby more sustainable.

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