RecycleBank Brings Green Bling to Your Neighborhood

green-tag.jpg But not mine yet!  What’s up?  I WANT RECYCLEBANK!!!

Heck yeah I wanted to be rewarded for recycling and that’s exactly what RecycleBank does for us good little greenies who diligently do our part to recycle and do you know what’s even better about the program?  It encourages your slack ass neighbors to get on the green ball and recycle by offering them reward points they can use at hundreds of business locations (local and national) to redeem free stuff and discounts.  All I know is that I saw Stonyfield Yogurt and Sun & Earth cleaning products as companies that participate, so I’m sold.

What if we all called our local township supervisors and waste management companies and let them know that we’d love to have this program in our area?  Huh?  Let’s fill up those suggestion boxes and get a fun green program like RecycleBank implemented in our neighborhood.

It’s about time we got a little green kick back for all our good work.

Green bling?  Bring it on!

3 Replies to “RecycleBank Brings Green Bling to Your Neighborhood”

  1. I’m with you. It’s so easy to recycle anymore, why not do it especially when you are giving incentives. I will try to contact my local recycling center to see if they participate in this program. Thanks for the heads up and hopefully more people begin to recycle because of this program.

  2. Yeah, I want RecycleBank too!! lol. That’s such a good idea to get people to recycle. It’s easy, but apparently not easy enough for some. I thought even just taking your soda cans down to the grocery store and getting money back was a good way to get people to recycle. RecycleBank sounds awesome. 🙂

  3. What a great idea! If this doesn’t inspire folks to recycle I don’t know what will. I’m on my way to see if this program can be set up in my town. Great post!

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