Recycled Crayons and Spooky Coloring Pages


The green idea at the All Natural Me Etsy Shop this month is to give something a little less edible than candy this Halloween.  Spooky recycled crayons!  Just go ahead and try to eat them.

Then color yourself scared with these creepy coloring pages courtesy of The Dreg.

Half Boy – Half Monster Coloring Page
Hairy Cyclops Coloring Page
Halloween Jack O Lantern Coloring Page
Mr. Google Eyes Coloring Page
Horned Octopus Coloring Page

Much love and Thanks to Dreg who thoughtfully made something for everyone.  My favorite is the Horned Octopus!

All Natural Me creepiness also spread its way over to Sweet Figments, who graced Sadie with a feature interview and showcased her upcycled works.  Much love!

13 Replies to “Recycled Crayons and Spooky Coloring Pages”

  1. Those coloring pages are great! I’ll have to print them off and see if my sister wants to give them to the kids at the daycare! 😀 Can Dreg make one with a vampire. 😉 hehe. Just throwing it out there.

    Great interview by the way! That’s neat they featured you on their blog!

  2. The coloring pages ROCK!! Way to go Dreg!!! I printed off several copies (on 100% recycled paper, of course! ;P) and we’ve been having a blast coloring them! Shannon has colored some for extended family members as well.
    Very cool crayons as well! What a great alternative to candy for trick-or-treaters!! Too bad we get about 300 kids a year, makes it a little too pricey for us to hand out to all the kids. But, still very cool.

      1. Ha ha, I know, I’ve missed here too!! Halloween totally kicks ass around here. We live in the house I grew up in, so it was a TOTAL shocker to me to live in places where we were lucky to get 10 kids!!
        We’ve started having a Halloween party every year now, inviting friends who live further out over & then the adults party afterwards.
        It is kinda insane though – I’ve had a couple instances where kids have practically jumped me for the candy. They get pissed if you try to give them only one piece each too!!
        As much as I love the crayons, I think our house would get destroyed by sugar-crazed brats if we didn’t comply! hahaha

        1. Haha, yeah I wouldn’t trust a bunch of kids with a sugar high and crayons. :-\ lol. That’s awesome you have a party every year. We try to, but it gets crazy because we all have different schedules. This year we’re doing our party the 25th because it’s the only day we all could agree on. Oh well, close enough, right? lol 🙂

  3. First off – great cartoons & coloring pages. Shannon had an absolute blast coloring them for everyone. They were unique and definitely not your run-of-the-mill Halloween designs.
    As for the crayons. Sadie, you have totally inspired me!! My boys (gotta love boys!) keep peeling the labels off crayons and breaking them into tiny bits. Some of these are the fat crayons (for little hands) so their is still tons of life left in them. Ever since I’ve read what you’ve done with these I’ve been inspired to begin saving these bits until I have enough to melt down and turn into new crayons.
    Also, and this just dawned on me (it IS early here and my brain is on vacay) – when I began making candles I would use old crayon bits for coloring. Perhaps not the most super-eco thing when it comes to burning it down, but a cool way to recycle and make your candles unique!
    Hope everyone had a safe & Happy Halloween. Personally, we put more of the trick into it this year: we get over 200 kids. I’m sick of those that just come up and expect candy without even saying anything to you. I’m even more sick of those who don’t bother to dress up. So, I refused candy for some who weren’t dressed up: I asked them were there costumes were, they told me they were too old for that, so I told them that then they were too old for candy and to go on. 🙂 Guess I was just staying true to my costume: “Candy Apple” the Punk Princess. 😛

    1. That’s a great idea to use crayons for candles. Makes sense, since they’re both made from wax lol. Good, I’m glad you refused candy to those punks who just go around without costumes taking candy. I get so mad when I see that, and it seems to be popular in my town. I had a nice relaxing Halloween with my boyfriend. We watched scary movies all day and popped up some popcorn. 🙂 Next year we’re planning a big party. We can never do it because we have no money haha. Hopefully next year will be awesome. You should post some pictures of your costume! You too, Sadie! 😀

        1. Thanks! I’m so envious of Shannon’s hair color too. It is the color I’ve always dyed my hair and he has it naturally!! Lucky little booger!! 😛
          And thanks for the compliments about my hair. That mohawk stayed up all night long and well into the morning. I had to soak in the tub to get it down!

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