Replaced by a Toothbrush

Great features, a unique design, extreme oral pleasure…

Getting replaced by a greener version was bound to happen eventually.

** Win a Radius Source Toothbrush **

The Top Commentator of Dec ’08 scores a very eco-friendly toothbrush.

Check out this math: Replaceable Heads + Wooden Handle = Only 7% of toothbrush wasted as compared to 100% of ordinary toothbrushes.  The wooden handle is made half and half of recycled soda bottles and recycled wood sawdust.  That’s a very cool way to green your toothbrush!

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2 Replies to “Replaced by a Toothbrush”

  1. I’ve seen these toothbrushes before, they remind me of potatoes. lol. And that’s neat that they are made for either right or left handed people. Being a lefty in a right handed world, I should get one of these. 😀

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