Reusable Ear Wipes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Q-tips.

But I may have found a great reusable idea for cleaning the outer ear of dead skin cells. From my years of working in the salon and peering into people’s ears- I know what’s going on in there AND PEOPLE, you need to clean them babies out.

So this weekend I found myself with lots of black T-shirt remnants – from when I made my husband this birthday blanket with his old favorite tees:



So now I have the bottoms of the T-shirts to reuse – which I’ve cut into rectangle shapes & folded to store in a cute jar until I’m ready to clean out the crap from my ears 🙂



The technique to clean out your ears is simple – just stick out your lips, raise your eyebrows, wrap your finger with the T-shirt material and gently swab out your ear. If you have any white skin cells that need cleaning, y’all will be able to see them on the black material. Repeat until you’re less grossed out of the stuff on your cloth & you’re done. Now go clean the kids ears…


Now I know this may not be the most appropriate time to switch from gross to yummy but, while I am close to the birthday topic – I wanted to share with you a recipe from Betsy’s Life, a Girl Scout samoa cake!

Dreg requested – I delivered!


And everyone agrees – it was flipping fantastic!!

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