Reusable Pee Pee Cloths in Stock

Just updated my store to include some Pee Pee cloths.

Yep. I didn’t stutter – these are soft cotton flannel cloths to use in place of paper toilet paper to wipe your, umm – pee pee.

I LOVE THEM!!! After your girlie parts become spoiled from the luxury of fabric, regular toilet paper feels like rough garbage! There’s lots other great reasons to go cloth that I mention on the backside (har har) of the Pee Pee Cloth Packaging that I’ll share with you after you see a few of the new goods…

a nice pick floral ~

bright flower power ~

and a yellow with some swirly-do design

There’s also a golf theme and seasonally incorrect but very pretty, snowflake stars – See them all in  MY STORE

And now, the backside…



The back of the packaging reads:

Okay, here’s the thing –

You’re spending way too much $ on t.p.

Enough already.

Girls, it’s time to start enjoying reusable pee pee cloths.

That’s right – they are luxurious!

No more pee on your fingers!!

cuz you know urine can literally melt

right on through regular toilet paper – Gross!

Cotton flannel is so much nicer!

It’s way better for:

the environment

don’t kill a tree when you pee

your septic system

no paper to clog up tank

your wallet

reusable saves money

your bum bum

pee pee cloths are super soft

Easy to use – just wipe your butt like you always do, toss the cloth into the laundry basket, not the toilet, and wash with your towels on hot. Tumble dry. Reuse again and again.

Made at home by Sadie from

hahahaha ~ yeppers!!  THIS is what I like to do in my spare time 🙂  Sew squares of flannel to be used as butt wipes!!  Sooo – what do you think?  Could you switch to cloth wipes?  Now mind you, these are pee pee not poo poo cloths but hey jack – after you buy ’em, you can wipe whatever you want lol

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