Reusable Snot Rags

Well, if reusable is good enough for wiping one end, how about the other?

As an extension of Reusable Toilet Paper, maybe it’s also time to forgo the Kleenex tissues and start blowing the old honker into a cloth hanky. I have several handkerchiefs in my drawer designated for bandanna wearing, but after catching a nasty summer cold this week, they have been reassigned as snot rags.

Actually, everyone in the family started snotting around so I had to quickly create more cloth tissues re-purposed from a super soft cotton robe (thanks Grandpa Tony!). You can make your own reusable snot rags by basically sewing rectangles together. I sized mine so they would fit into an empty tissue box we decided to reuse. Just sew right sides together, leave a hole for turning right side out and then stitch that hole shut. Super easy. So simple that you may see some appearing in the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.


2 Replies to “Reusable Snot Rags”

  1. Most of the time, we use re-usable snot rags. We re-use old washcloths, baby diapers (cleaned of course!), extra dishtowels, and (my favorite) old baby washcloths for all kinds of things! We got so many baby washcloths and they’re so soft and delicate, just awesome!

  2. Ok Sadie,
    You would be proud. I was going through laundry today and noting that the kids have 1) way too many clothes & 2) way too many clothes that are stained. So, at first, I was just gonna toss the old, stained clothes out BUT I stopped myself and began collecting them.
    Your blogs about reusable snot rags and reusable tp started babbling along inside my noggin, so I am going to be cutting up old clothes for re-use and re-life!
    Just had to share!

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