Knock It Off or We’ll Take It Off

Tell me I’m not the only one in the world who needs a giggle and a laugh to start off the day.  Be happy everyone and think Peace!  You may just find yourself very inspired.

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Video:  Old Fat Naked Women for Peace by The Righteous Mothers

My very own mother sent me this video.  It’s really fun and listen carefully for all the great messages.  Speaking as a 36 week pregnant Mama, I think nudity could be so persuasive at this point.  Knock it off or Sadie will take it off…

3 Replies to “Knock It Off or We’ll Take It Off”

  1. Oh my gosh ~ this had me laughing it was so funny & yet crying because the images were so beautiful!! I’ve passed this along to all the women I know! Thank you Sadie for posting this. Knock it off or Mama Taney will take it off too!!!

    PS ~ You’re 36 weeks already?!?!? Hope you’re feeling good. You better let us all know when the day arrives!! Sending lots of lovin’ vibes to you, the baby, & your family!!!! 🙂

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