Sadie & The 30 Pound Purse

Rubber gloves, three tubes of lip balm, half a dozen tampons, fingerless mittens, two pairs of earbuds, 39 coupons, a hundred and 50 business cards, a wallet that’s spilt its guts, a handmade knitted cowl, Christmas cards, a bag of paper trash, a roll of garbage bags, ibeprofen, eyeliner, Band-Aids, a button, pictures people have given me, a small purse, 4 pens, 2 books of checks, several accomplished to-do lists and a spare pair of underwear!! Oh! My! God!

I am a purse hoarder.


This is why the Fly Lady says to clean out your purse every Friday!

Flyladies also clean out their vehicles on Fridays too – Luckily, I’m pretty sure my van is in better shape than my purse!


I KNEW my purse was getting pretty heavy, it had definitely bulked up over the last few weeks!

And when I went to grab something from the old girl, I couldn’t find Jack Schizzle, ya know what I mean?


WOW, ALL of that crap – ALL OF IT – except the wee glass of milk & the light blue napkin on the left, was IN MY PURSE!! LOL

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