Sadie The Cleaning Lady Dicks Off

Just a little.


Every once in awhile, like every “good” employee, you’ve got to screw off a bit during the job, And do it behind your bosses back of course – because it’s more fun that way.

You also must do this regularly ESPECIALLY if your boss is your mom!! It’s like Mandatory obligations of participating in a family business.

So today, while I was working hard for my mama boss, err hardly working lol snicker, I snuck a few pictures of me in action.

Self-amusing activities always makes the cleaning go quick & painless.

Mom, please don’t fire me 😉

4 Replies to “Sadie The Cleaning Lady Dicks Off”

  1. p.s. your clock is set for PST, actually really confuse me( tho i’m easily confused) the time says 10:05 pm and it’s 2:36 am
    maybe 1 to many girl scout cookies.(darn those thin

    1. I ate all the Girl Scout cookies in record time this year – gotta get them out the door as quick as possible to reduce the chance of becoming addicted 🙂 and then depressed when u can’t get anymore anywhere lol

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