Sadie The Cleaning Lady

Knock ~ knock! Cleaning lady!!

Who better to help you tidy up than Sadie –


I’ve recently started helping my mama with her cleaning business – because I love hanging out her and she appreciates the help and – well, because I eternally owe her money and need to work off my debt.

But mostly, the cleaning job allure for me is that I have a stash of vintage aprons that are wanting to get out and about.  For me, stretchy pants and an old school wrap around equals the perfect uniform.  It’s important to suit up for the job!


A little late to my first gig – finding myself locked out – gave me ample time to self-photo-shoot in the window where I was knocking & waiting to be seen.


Seen.  Entry approved.  Time to work & play with my favorite tools of the trade –

a Kirby:


and a feather duster:


and to enjoy looking at the stuffs you find in offices… and then figure out a way to clean around them without busting anything.  It’s an interesting trade – but cute ladies & gents all over the world have got to do it.


So here’s to cleaning!  To making our spaces a little less dirty!  To getting a good workout while you’re being paid!  And to wearing vintage loveliness while doing it!!


And at the end of the day, to reward oneself by curling up with some Amish Quilting Drama – with a smile on my face and a snappy jingle in my head.


And after cleaning other people’s spaces today, I already have a game plan for beautifying our family’s home tomorrow!


That should take care of the mess in the fridge 🙂


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