Saving Crayons Headed for a Landfill

Happy Labor Day Friend!

Recycling crayons can be a true labor of love. This labor day weekend I’ve dove into the incredible task of sorting a huge amount of donated crayons which starts the eco-process of saving crayons that could have been mindlessly trashed.

With just the donations received from a handful of teachers, I have more than enough wax sticks to keep a girl busy. I can’t even fathom the amount of crayons that elementary schools pitch every year. If you are looking to green your school, think about organizing a crayon drive to collect unwanted crayons and then either craft with them or send them to the National Crayon Recycling Program. It would also be a good idea to set up collection boxes at restaurants that give kids little packs of crayons before their meals. Tons of crayons could be saved and recycled.

The process of recycling crayons takes multiple steps which include sorting, soaking, peeling labels, melting, pouring, molding and hopefully finding new homes for them. We list our crayon creations in the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.

It will be fun to create the upcoming Halloween ones… if I survive the sorting – soaking – peeling part.

crayons3.JPG crayons2.JPG crayons4.JPG

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If the poo talk doesn’t bring you in, we’ve also been talking about the film Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, reusable snot rags, vaccine induced autism, chemical air fresheners, line drying clothes and soybeans with nipples.

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2 Replies to “Saving Crayons Headed for a Landfill”

  1. Wow! this is a lot of crayons. I didn’t know about that National Crayon Recycling program. Pretty Cool. They even use the papers for Fire Starters..

    Hope you enjoy your labor day sorting. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for halloween.

  2. It’s amazing what we are starting to recycle. I never thought to recycle crayons until I started coming to ANM. 🙂 But it made me think about a few years ago when everyone only bought Crayola, because it was the only crayon company that was non-toxic. Is that still the case? I’m all for recycling, but what if they’re toxic?

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