Shorten Your Showers by 30 Seconds

My green friends at Ideal Bite shared this little eco-fact with me today:

For every 30 seconds you shorten your shower, you’ll save up to 4 gallons of water.

That’s an amazing way to break it down – a real eye opener too, especially when you think about how many times you space out during your shower just letting the water hit your back.  Ahhh… SNAP out of it water waster!!  You just let 16 gallons of H2O slide down the drain!  Shame, shame.


3 Replies to “Shorten Your Showers by 30 Seconds”

  1. This is definitely a good tip. I like to shut the water off when I need to soap up my body and hair, then just turn it back on when I actually need to rinse off.

  2. I’ll admit, I’m one for long showers. Though, in girl-world I still probably take medium-to-short showers. ;P ha ha ha
    I’ve been trying to shorten the shower some though in general. And one thing we’ve also added is a bucket (an empty gallon-juice container) to catch drips and whatnot. When I move the switch from shower back to the tub faucet (you know, the little lever you pull up so you can take a shower) it dumps out a ton of water, so I love being able to catch it and then re-use it for watering plants and filling the solar-fountain out front.
    Maybe it is just all my way of feeling less guilty for taking long showers? ;P

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