SMARxT Disposal of Your Meds


Please don’t think All Natural Me is becoming a pill pusher. If you can get on without a prescription, hooray for you! Occasionally for me, certain circumstances demand conventional meds. Like a few months ago when my son got a hook worm in his arm, I felt the need to nuke his little body with some anti-parasitic medicine pronto! And last year when I had this reoccurring yeast infection, I finally said F – it, and went with the amazing, pop one pill prescription and then I was all done with the itchy coochie just like that. So quick and so simple, that I wondered to myself, why in the world had I suffered for a week trying to use that homeopathic crap?

Anyways, there’s always the chance that you may not end up using all your prescriptions and then need to dispose of them. Do not flush medicine down the toilet! Or the drain. The best way to get rid of it is the trash but first put the meds in a plastic bag, crush, add water to dissolve and then add kitty litter, sawdust or coffee grounds. This is to protect animals or children who may be rummaging in the trash. It also discourages your crack head neighbor from ingesting your left overs.

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