Stop Junk Mail for Free

Reduce paper waste, save your time opening the junk and protect your ass from identity theft.

For free at ProQuo! It should be noted that during this eco-act of prevention, you will be asked to jump through a few hoops. Signing up is pretty quick and painless and you can even choose the option to “select all” and stop all the junk at once. BUT, yes there’s a BIG but, for some of them more action is required like printing off a form and mailing it in. Not all of them are like that but I was left with a dozen that need an extra step.

Do you think it’s worth it or not?

Of course it is. Don’t be mean, Be Green!

The no cost service also manages magazines sent to you, but here’s another strange thing, you can not only stop the companies from sending them to you (which is what I thought this website was about) but you can actually request to start receiving them!

What the hell is that all about?

Well it’s still not as strange as Earth Class Mail where you can purchase an online P.O. Box and have them open and scan your mail for you and then you read it online and never even have to touch the stuff.

If you are sick of the junk, more resources for stopping mail that you do not want can be found at Stop Junk Mail dot org.

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