Summer Hook Up

Hey Friend!

It’s that time again for your monthly well wishes from All Natural Me dot com. Summer is flying by! We hope you are having a very chill time and enjoying your local farmers market that offers fresh locally grown produce. Mmmmm. I’m making myself hungry so I’ll make this quick!

Looking for a fun back to school gift? Grab some recycled crayons from the All Natural Me Etsy Shop for some creative coloring or put those kids to work with a children’s size Must Dust Mitt.  Hooray for chores!

The Blog has been kicking!
Fascinating new posts from the include:

* TOMS Shoes Wish List
* A New Comic! Eco-Friendly Car
* Crafting for Charitable Causes
* Al Gore: Green Energy by 2018
* and Reusable Toilet Paper (wipe and re-wipe?)

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Email updates are the best way to stay in the loop, visit the All Natural Me Blog often and land yourself some loot as the Top Commentator. I’m sure you have some thoughts on reusable toilet paper! July’s prize pack goes out to Mama Taney who’s getting hooked up with:

* A sassy All Natural Me Car Magnet
* Recycled Preserve Toothbrush from Recycline
* Support Bracelet from CD Recycling “Every Disc Counts”
* “Soul Stream” Music for Healing Meditations by Joy Katzen-Guthrie
* Handmade Hanky Holder from

Many thanks to the kind companies that donate the goodies for the prize packs! And so many thanks to the folks who keep coming back to the blog for more. If Mama Taney or Sam win again, I’m going to have to get super creative and find a new prize for them or possibly offer up my next born child.
(Coming in December btw!)

Have fun and Much love to you!
Sadie from


4 Replies to “Summer Hook Up”

  1. Just wanted to say Sadie, thanks for my goodie bag!! I’ve got the magnet on my fridge (it won’t fit on my car) but I’m loving it! It’s getting lots of attention there. I also am digging the toothbrush – I had just bought one of those for my hubby but not for myself (I have another eco one that is still good), so I’m pretty eager to try it out! Love the necklace too as well as the other goodies. Going to have a small giftie back in the mail to you by Monday! 🙂

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