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Abraham always talks about lining up your energy and when you are a vibrational match with something – it happens easily.  Well, my focus has been on my journey with herbs and wanting to learn more and more and more and more and… Oh, you get the idea.

So last night I was really tickled to get a sudden urge to google a nettle question, come across Susun Weed’s website, notice she had just started a podcast and be able to get on it to ask her myself! It was like Boom boom boom 🙂 ANYTHING you need Sadie, it’s DONE! Thank you Fairies of the Universe for guiding me so sweetly ~

The Stinging Nettles that my mama friend Jill gifted me seemed VERY happy behind the garage and I went to harvest them.  But after my little chat that literally got squeezed in at the end of Susun’s podcast, I learned that the leaves I had harvested were too mature since the plant was starting to bud AND when I’m harvesting Nettle that’s at the right stage – I should cut and hang the entire stalk as it’s so important. The top 3 inches of the young plants are for eating.

Dang!!!!  But all is NOT lost –

Susun suggested making a hair rinse with the herb instead for health, luster ‘n shine!

And I would be more than happy to do that since I spent about a half hour harvesting and singing to the nettles.  I really loved them up so I’m happy to be able to use them in some way.  My kidneys think a hair rinse with this batch is a good idea too!!

I also discovered that I am NOT cooking my nettles or any of my greens long enough. OR am I using enough dried herbs in my teas/infusions – AND that there is a huge difference between tea and infusions, AND, AND, AND!!  There was so much that I received from MY questions AND all the other callers as well!

When Susun Weed is called a Green Goddess & Wise Woman – it is truth.

Please have a listen to this podcast I snuck on and join me listening to ALL the back issues too! lol oh!!  YOU know I WILL 🙂 only 103 more episodes to go!!! (omg yes!!!)

This episode Q&A includes:

• 4 kinds of plant poisons and safety of yarrow and the color of their flowers..

• osteopenia- daily full fat yogurt, walk at least 3 miles a day, free weights, no calcium supplements..

• caller who overcame candida overgrowth with oak bark sitz baths, no sugar..

• sperm mobility, vigor and longevity..

• safety of vasectomy..

• seaweed removes heavy metals and radiation quickly!

• low iron and heavy bleeding- eating liver, shepherd’s purse fresh flowering tincture, yellow dock..

• calcium supplements makes bones stiff and brittle..

• harvesting and eating nettle- parts used..

• annual urtica urens root for early stage prostate cancer..

• nettle seeds harvested in the fall..

• fungal ear infection- garlic oil or baked onion..

• fluid in the sinus’s and horse radish..

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She’s amazing! And I do LOVE it how Susun gives it to ya straight. She is certainly easy to love!

Also, check out this fermented nettle recipe that my mama friend Ann Marie sent me about the same exact time I was talking with Susun Weed!!! NOW How does this stuff happen??!! Ha ha – just the same way we spin on this plant with perfect proximity to all the other planets ! MAGIC of course!

Here’s to Synchronicity & Susun Weed & Nettles harvested properly!

I’m planning on chopping down my nettle patch today to get another growth out of it and then ordering some organic nettle online to support my infusion making!


And, I also asked something about Red Clover but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what!

Much love!!!



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