**** Etsy Eco-Tips

Etsy, our favorite place for handmade items, now has a new team of crafty folks spreading the greenness one Etsy Eco-Tip at a time!

Etsy Eco-Tips are helpful little ideas that promote eco-friendly and natural living.  You’ll find them in green-themed Etsy shops where the artists are actively recycling, reusing, re-purposing, upcycling, revamping, crafting with organic or reclaimed materials and spreading the green love all around.

Etsy Eco-Tips has a homepage at etsy with a listing of our team members and Etsy Eco-Tips can also be found on Facebook – Become a Fan!

The team is always open for more Etsy shop owners looking to join the eco-fun!  Join the team here – And we would really love for everyone to spread the word about this green movement on Etsy.   Just think – as shop owners can individually spread eco-awareness, the tips will continue to add up and more and more people will get a taste of green!

Out with the Old, in with the New – Website!!

For days, I’ve been aware – aware that my blog was overdue for a makeover!!

I regularly become bored with the look or function or just have a feeling that it could be better – – well, better for me anyways should a refreshing of the look refresh my interest in my own website!! Because that’s exactly what needed to happen on an under slept day like today!!

Hello coffee and goodbye old blog!! Forget what it even looked like? Here it is:


Not shabby, not shabby at all ~ it was a simple clean basic look with the latest blog post front and center! That’s what appealed to me most, the simplicity.

But now – OH BUT NOW – there are blog post links over here and pictures of the blog posts for the visual learners over there and a space for advertisers up there at the top and my big ol’ mug on the landing page front and center welcoming you back to All Natural Me again 🙂


Hello!! Thanks so much for returning again and again for a visit! I’m always excited to interact with you and can truly say today, I’m excited to be here too!!

Now who’s ready for Thanksgiving?

All Natural Me Etsy Shop

Hey Friend!

School’s out! Whoo hoo –

Of course, now our neighborhood is overrun with noisy kids that are now annoying me instead of their poor teacher. Great.

Teachers, enjoy your break 🙂

Exciting News!

The end of May marked our Grand Opening of our new
All Natural Me Etsy Shop conveniently located in cyberspace at:


Check out the shop for recycled crayons, handmade bags and our upcycled envelopes called Recyclopes. Shop sales help keep the lights on at All Natural Me dot com so please spread the word to all your friends. We appreciate your support!


As always, the All Natural Me Blog is a super fun place, so come hang out!

Our Top Commentator in May was MamaTaney,
who got hooked up with this lovely prize pack:

– Signed copy of The Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers by Ray Ferrer

– Independent Artist Joy Katzen-Guthrie album Favorite Melody, Vol. One

– Set of handmade cards by five-and-dime posts

– All Natural Me Recycled Confetti

– Handmade Totebag by Grace Lee from Retrogalfashions.com

Much love to the artists who donated the loot 🙂
Please visit their websites and tell them how much they rock!

Visit the All Natural Me Blog for these fascinating posts:

– CD and DVD Recycling
– Kiss My Butt Soap
– Etha-what? Naturally Us Comic
– Global Warming Mind Maps
– Honeybees Go on Strike
– Smart Disposal of Your Meds

Comments and added information are always welcome.
See you soon!

Much love,
Sadie from allnaturalme.com

ps – remember to get hooked up with Free Karma Kards!

All orders from the All Natural Me Etsy Shop include
a set of Karma Kards and a surprise gift!

All Natural Me Top Commentators

We have a great new thing going on in the All Natural Me dot com Blog.

Every month, HUGE cash prizes will be awarded to the person with the most comments.

Ummm… April Fools!!

Ha ha. Well actually, I am only joking about the huge cash prizes – you know, we can give you green around here, but not that kind of green. But it’s not all a complete joke, as we do have lots of goodies lined up for the top commentator of the month.

It’s easy to participate – just comment on posts!

To be eligible, they do have to be real comments – no cheating kids! You can’t just post “Cool Beans!” on every post 10 times twice and expect us to think that is cool beans. You have to be legit. Okay? Now, if you don’t make the top, just hang around some more and try again next month. You would be here anyways even if we weren’t bribing you right? Haha. Remember, you can also post your replies to previous comments so not only can you share your thoughts about the post but also to what other people said as well. Just try to be nice please.

Speak Your Mind (a lot if you want to win goodies) and Have Fun! You can see who is leading the comments over on the right column. Just click the tab marked Top Commentators.

Thanks for your support. Now go play a trick on somebody!

10 Ways To Be All Natural Me

1. Be positive & Love yourself.

2. Treat your body with respect. Be open to nature’s medicine, self-healing & Alternative therapies.

3. Eat healthy foods and support organic farming.

4. Be environmentally responsible and Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

5. Care for and help protect the Environment & animal rights.

6. Support fair trade, small business, Non-profits & independent artisans.

7. Use natural body care products and incorporate Aromatherapy into your life.

8. Avoid all artificial flavors, artificial colors and Chemical fragrances.

9. Never use pesticides, chemical cleaners or Flame retardant products.

10. Spread The Word about information and Causes you believe in.