Sadie Rambles Affectionately towards Confident Mom and Simple Goods Clarion

Tonight I had a great time with my friend Ann, who is a vicious Twister competitor.


She also has an Etsy shop – Simple Goods Clarion – where she makes and sells these cool little essential oil rollerballs!



I have and LOVE Hippie!  And Patchouli Rose & Sensual are next on my list to grab!

Here’s a video of me loving on it – along with a really neat housekeeping homemaker cleaning resource Ann shared with me tonight!

So ~ You want to get your clean on with Ann & me?  Couldn’t hurt to have a little bit of guidance and instruction with your cleaning routine (or non routine).  Here’s a link to the Confident Mom’s website:


d.i.y.friday ~ Make Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray


Boom! It’s Friday! DIY some homemade crap covering bathroom toilet spray and then go pay your taxes without any paint peeling from the walls!

My lady mama friend Jesse from Hot Tomato Pinup Academy brought this video to my attention – it’s for a product you can actually buy called Poo-Pourri:

LOVE it – sssooooo funny!!

But for a girl who’s been dropping a bit of essential oils in the commode for years, seems like the perfect DIY project:

Also a recipe I found on pinterest has glycerin added, which is brilliant!


Make Your Own Body Butter from Whipped Coconut Oil






Did you know that you have an organic moisturizer right in your kitchen cupboard? If you have not yet discovered the beauty uses of coconut oil, Here’s an easy way to start pampering your body!

You most certainly can use coconut oil straight from the jar! But if you want to add essential oils or have a silkier, runnier texture to the lotion – whipping it is your best bet!

Grapefruit Lavender Stove Simmer


One thing I’ve discovered while practicing aromatherapy – is that essential oils of lavender and grapefruit, when mixed together, smell like bubblegum.

Well, to me anyways lol

This floral citrus combination is definitely a win-win for freshening up the house and keeping spirits bright & chipper.


Step one is to cut your grapefruits, juice and drink.


Take the peels, put them in a pot of water, add dried lavender flowers if you have them and a few drops of essential oil lavender for a floral kick!


Simmer on low for as long as you like, Adding more water if needed.


Want to make this stovetop potpourri simmer even more awesomely delicious?

Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract!!

d.i.y.friday ~ Make Flaxseed Hair Gel

Hey all folks with curly wavy hair ~ here’s info on making a natural pomade gel with flax seeds to naturally control the crazies…

How to Make Flaxseed Hair Gel

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Flaxseed hair gel is a natural, inexpensive hair product particularly suited for curly or wavy hair. It defines and moisturizes curly hair without creating stiffness or crunchiness. Many additional ingredients can be added to homemade flaxseed gel to customize it for the particular needs of your hair. The following process takes approximately 7 minutes. Flaxseed gel lasts about two weeks refrigerated, or longer with added preservatives. It can be frozen for later use.

Making Flaxseed Gel

1- Soak the flaxseeds overnight. This increases gel yield, increases ease of straining, and reduces cooking time. (This step is optional.)
2- Combine the flaxseeds and water in a pan over high heat, stirring occasionally. Add Epsom salts, although this is also optional.
3- Stir gently and constantly, when the mixture starts to boil. Reduce the heat to medium when the mixture’s consistency turns into a thin, foamy jelly.
4- When the seeds remain suspended in the jelly instead of sinking to the bottom of the pan, turn off the heat and drain the mixture through the strainer into the bowl.
Note: Rinse the pot immediately, as cleaning it later will be difficult if you don’t do this.
5- Add a preservative after the mixture has cooled slightly (optional). Add any desired ingredients, such as essential oils, aloe vera gel, oils, and butters.
6- Whisk the mixture to combine ingredients and break up any clumps. The gel should be about the consistency of egg whites.
7- Pour the mixture into the container. Your gel is ready to use. Store in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life.

Styling Hair with Flaxseed Gel

1- Apply the gel to your hair by scrunching or smoothing it on.
2- Use more product than you normally would. Your hair should feel completely saturated and slimy. If you use too little gel, the product will be not effective.
3- Allow the hair to air dry completely without touching, or use a diffuser attachment with your blow-dryer. When your hair dries it will feel soft with defined curls and no crunchiness or stickiness. If you have a little crunch still, scrunch it out with your hands and fluff up your hair.

Sample Recipes:

Recipe 1

1/3 cup golden flaxseeds
2 cups water
1/2 tsp honey
1/3 tsp citric acid
15 drops tangerine oil

Recipe 2

2 tablespoon Golden flaxseed
1 cup distilled or filtered water
1/4 teaspoon citric acid (preservative)
5 drops of essential oil (your choice but it’s a good idea to use the citrus ones since they are antibacterial)
5 drops of clove essential oil (antibacterial)

Recipe 3

Use water infused with marshmallow root for the flaxseed cooking liquid.
1 oz (28.3g) seamollient
1/2 teaspoon avocado oil
10 drops vegetable glycerin
1/2 teaspoon agave nectar
1/4 teaspoon grapefruit seed extract

Recipe 4

2 cups distilled water
1/2 cup golden flaxseed
A handful of dried hibiscus flowers

After straining the gel, add 1 teaspoon jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon argan oil, 1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin, 1/2 teaspoon agave nectar, 2 oz (56.6g) seamollient, and 1/4 teaspoon optiphen (preservative).

Recipe 5

1- Soak the flaxseed overnight. It will be thick within about 18 hours.
2- Strain into a saucepan and heat for a few minutes. Add the other ingredients: hemp seed oil, vitamin E, magnesium sulfate, chamomile tea (1 cup water and 8 tea bags), and grapefruit seed extract.
3- After a few minutes of heating and stirring (just so it’s combined) pour into a blender starting on low, then switch to medium and add xanthan gum.

Optional Ingredients

You can add many different ingredients to flaxseed gel. What you add will depend on the qualities of your hair and how it reacts to particular substances. Below are some of the most common ingredients and their properties. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your hair.

To increase hold: agave nectar, honey, seamollient
To increase gel density: xanthan gum, guar gum, pectin, lecithin?
To moisturize hair: oils (such as jojoba, wheat germ, hemp seed, avocado), butters (such as shea butter), or glycerine, honeyquat
Note: coconut oil is not recommended, as it has a low melting point
To enhance curl: Epsom salts, seamollient, aloe vera juice or gel
To add scent:Essential oils as desired. The following essential oils are also preservatives: lavender, rosemary, clove, cinnamon, lemon and rose
Preservatives: grapefruit seed extract (1/3t drops per cup or 6 drops per oz), essential oils (see above), citric acid, vitamin E oil
Increase product slip: marshmallow root (soak overnight in cold water; use this water to boil flax seeds), slippery elm bark


Xantham gum may dry hair.
Clove and cinnamon oils may dry skin and hair.

~ So what do you think? Certainly easy enough & most definitely all natural!!

Be sure to let me know how this homemade recipe turns out for you!!!

Love of d.i.y. love!
Sadie @allnaturalme

Crazy Killer Antibacterial Salve


Also known as “Staph-ass Salve”

ha ha !! it’s late – and i have healing ideas to share with you!

This salve is definitely intense – Calendula oil, beeswax, cumin seed, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosewood, oil of oregano, lemon grass, peppermint, thyme & love.

These oils were chosen for their antibacterial attributes to deal with skin ailments & infections.

I forgot to add a bit of vitamin e for extra healing & preservative properties but it’s okay, because I probably added some to the calendula oil when I infused that at harvest time ~

Anyways… it’s kinda fun to branch off and use oils that I don’t traditionally use. My running out of Lavender & Tea Tree staples forced me to research a bit and come up with the crazy killer arsenal. I am certainly happy knowing I have good ammo on hand! I am also enjoying the warming effect given from these oils ~ spicy!!

Stay cozy & well!!
Sadie @allnaturalme

Alternatives to Chemical Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners that are loaded with chemicals suck.

I’m going to skip picking a fight with you and assume that you already know all about the nasty chemicals like phthalates that are in them and DO NOT use them yourself. And of course it would be silly for me to even think of the possibility that you might have a gross country candle burning on your stove… you don’t, do you?

Actually, You are probably so very much an All Natural Me that you have loads of creative organic ways of keeping your home and car smelling so lovely that you don’t even need me to list my favorite all natural air fresheners but, I will anyways, just so you can forward this info along to your friends and family who haven’t quite gotten the hint to lay the F – off of the damn air fresheners and scented cleaning products!

My gawd people! (not you, your dumb friends) What the heck are you trying to cover up anyways? A dirty house, funky garbage, your husbands feet, the sixteen litter boxes? For those specific smells, I would recommend cleaning every once in a while, taking it outside, encouraging good hygiene and supplementing with zinc and downsizing. And for the love…

Don’t Offend Others With Second-Hand Chemicals!

stinkynose.jpg Next time your home smells like ka-ka-poo-poo, try these all natural ways to freshen the air:

1. Open your windows and get fresh air into your home. In with the new, out with the stinky.

2. Grow indoor plants and aromatic herbs to help clean the air and infuse good green smells.

3. Turn to your friends Mr. Baking Soda and Miss Vinegar. They are great for homemade cleaning recipes and, if you just leave some sitting out, they absorb odors. Yeah, no kidding.

4. Buy a couple extra bars of handmade soap and display them in a pretty dish until you need a new bar. It will naturally freshen your bathroom all the time. And it’s so Martha Stewart, who can resist?

5. Use essential oils diluted with water in a spray bottle as a natural air freshener to spritz a room back to lovely after someone leaves a stinker.

6. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a clay stone to naturally scent an area and wear oils on yourself. You’ll be like a walking air freshener wherever you go.

7. Throw out your Apple Pie scented candle and BAKE a Freakin’ REAL Apple Pie!

8. And as a last resort, when your place really does smell like crap, burn a stick of all natural incense. Not the best thing you can do for air quality control but certain occasions may demand it. Even if you never light them up, incense cones & sticks do their part to infuse natural scents if you strategically place them around your home.

Like up in your stinky Aaaaa… ummm, attic.

10 Ways To Be All Natural Me

1. Be positive & Love yourself.

2. Treat your body with respect. Be open to nature’s medicine, self-healing & Alternative therapies.

3. Eat healthy foods and support organic farming.

4. Be environmentally responsible and Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

5. Care for and help protect the Environment & animal rights.

6. Support fair trade, small business, Non-profits & independent artisans.

7. Use natural body care products and incorporate Aromatherapy into your life.

8. Avoid all artificial flavors, artificial colors and Chemical fragrances.

9. Never use pesticides, chemical cleaners or Flame retardant products.

10. Spread The Word about information and Causes you believe in.