Rare Seeds vs Seeds Now {a price comparison}



It’s almost time to garden garden garden garden!!!  But before you get your hands in any dirt, you actually just need to make yourself a cup of tea and cozy up with some seed catalogs and begin the dreaming process (it’s the best first step).  I will not lie to you – I am in love with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I love what they stand for.  I love the awesome photography in their catalogs.  I love their heirloom seeds and the rare seeds they are helping to sustain.  I love how they inspire me to want to grow EVERYTHING I see on their website.

So I really really wanted to order from them this year.  Last year I couldn’t find the $$ to place an order and ended up getting some organic Seeds of Change seeds at Walmart and using quite a few hand me down seeds from friends.  But this year was to be MY YEAR of being specific and selective and successful in the gardening realm.  I had decided that Baker Creek heirloom seeds were my destiny.

Okay, so you get the point – I want good seeds!!!!


Last night I grabbed my Martha Stewart page marker tabs and went to work on the catalog selecting my favorites.  And the necessities.  And the wants.  And the dreams.  And the parsley.  Then I thought, “I wonder how much this is gonna be??”  Ummmmmmm…. $75

Yep, as in twenty-five less than a hundred.



Yes, for seeds.  For amazing rare heirloom non-GMO rare heirloom amazing seeds.

Okay, okay (doing breathing exercises) okay, okay – sure.

But then I realized I wasn’t allowed to spend that much – nor could I – nor should I – nor did I want to.

BUT i ALSO do NOT WANT crappy SEEDS!!!!

In my (tantrum) moment, I started thinking about Kale.  And that I hadn’t even put Kale on my wishlist yet.  And good gawd, I can’t live without Kale.  Oh sweet Kale…. And then, hold up, I remembered I had already ordered Kale seeds…from… from… from… Where did I order those Blue Scotch Kale seeds??  Oh yeah – seedsnow.com

FOR 99 cents!!

Oh man, I wonder if SeedsNow has some of the heirloom vegetables I wishlisted at Bakers??



And after a little online comparison – SeedsNow didn’t just have SOME of the seeds I wanted – they pretty much had them ALL – and for 99 FREAKING CENTS!!!


99 cents!!!  Smaller quantities but whatever – they are saving my gardening dreams from the mental compost!!  They turned my 33 item / 75 dollar order from Rareseeds into a 33 item / less than 40 dollar order that I can financially handle a lot easier!  Thank you!!


Here’s my Wow it’s really early and I haven’t wore makeup in over a decade and I don’t know how to hold the iPhone when making an awesome but totally unedited and really should be because watching it makes me carsick video:



And here’s a copy of my order from SeedsNow:


1x Sunflower – Sungold, Dwarf – Sampler Pack (Appx. 30 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Squash – Long Island Cheese – Sampler Pack (Appx. 15 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Squash – Spaghetti – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Pumpkin – Small Sugar – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1 x Pea – Oregon Giant – Sampler Pack (Appx. 25 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Parsley – Rooted Hamburg – Sampler Pack (Appx. 80 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Lettuce – Lollo Rossa – Sampler Pack (Appx. 150 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Lettuce – Lollo Bionda – Sampler Pack (appx. 200 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Lettuce – Buttercrunch – Sampler Pack (Appx. 150 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Kohlrabi – Vienna, Purple – Sampler Pack (Appx. 50 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Eggplant – Pandora Striped – Sampler Pack (Appx. 10 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Celery – Tendercrisp – Sampler Pack (Appx. 200 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Cauliflower – Self-blanche (White) – Sampler Pack (Appx. 50 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Chervil – Sampler Pack (Appx. 100 s eeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Broccoli – Romanesco Italia – Sampler Pack (Appx. 60 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Sunflower – Sungold, Tall – Sampler Pack (Appx. 30 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Tomato – Roma – Sampler Pack (Appx. 15 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Tomato – Money Maker – Sampler Pack (Appx. 15 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Tomato – Golden Sunray – Sampler Pack (Appx. 10 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Squash – Waltham Butternut – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Squash – Black Beauty Zucchini – Sampler Pack (Appx. 15 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Spinach – Bloomsdale – Sampler Pack (Appx. 70 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Radish – Sparkler – Sampler Pack (Appx. 170 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Pepper – Orange King – Sampler Pack (Appx. 10 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Pepper – Purple Beauty – Sampler Pack (Appx. 10 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Melon – Honey Rock – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Cucumber – Muncher – Sampler Pack (Appx. 25 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Carrot – Kuroda, 8″ Long – Sampler Pack (Appx. 130 seeds) – $. 99 for $0.99 each
1x Broccoli – Waltham – Sampler Pack (Appx. 50 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Beet – Cylindra – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Bean (Bush) – Contender – Sampler Pack (Appx. 50 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Bean (Lima) – King of the Garden – Sampler Pack (Appx. 10 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
1x Bean (Lima) – Hende rson – Sampler Pack (Appx. 20 seeds) – $.99 for $0.99 each
Subtotal : $32.67 USD

Shipping : $4.95 USD

Total : $37.62 USD


And because they are my hero, I joined their affiliate program today – so if you order from them, use my link!  Because maybe I’ll make enough $$ to be able to order the flowers I want from rareseeds.com lol


Make Your Own Body Butter from Whipped Coconut Oil






Did you know that you have an organic moisturizer right in your kitchen cupboard? If you have not yet discovered the beauty uses of coconut oil, Here’s an easy way to start pampering your body!

You most certainly can use coconut oil straight from the jar! But if you want to add essential oils or have a silkier, runnier texture to the lotion – whipping it is your best bet!

Grow Garden Grow

Hooray! The garden is growing growing growing!! And it’s so fun to be the observer of all this greenness.

Please pardon any glitches in the movie making – these ones were also too long to host on my Moby or even my blog here. Thank you YouTube for putting up (with) my extended versions.

EWG Healthy Home Tips

Environmental Working Group is definitely one of the best organizations to promote.  We spread the word about them in our Karma Kards with their Cosmetic Ingredients and Pesticides in Produce cards.

They are also sharing some of the best and most important tips you can do in your home for environmental health.  Please visit Healthy Home Tips for the extended versions.

Tip 1:  Know the ingredients in your personal care products.
Just because a label says “gentle” or “natural” doesn’t mean it’s kid- safe.  Look up your products on CosmeticsDatabase.com.  Read the ingredients and avoid triclosan, BHA, fragrance, and oxybenzone.

Tip 2:  Eat Organic & Fresh foods.
Opt for organic fruits and veggies, or use FoodNews.org to find conventionally grown produce with the least pesticides.  Choose milk and meat without added growth hormones.  Limit canned food and infant formula, as can linings contain bisphenol A (BPA).

Tip 3:  Avoid fire retardants.
Choose snug-fitting cotton pajamas for kids, and repair or replace worn out foam items.

Tip 4:  Pick plastics carefully.
Some plastics contain BPA, which is linked to cancer.  Avoid clear, hard plastics marked with a “7” or “PC” and choose baby bottles made from glass.  Don’t microwave plastic containers.  Stay away from toys marked with a “3” or “PVC.”  Give your baby a frozen washcloth instead of vinyl teethers.

Tip 5:  Wash those hands, but avoid Triclosan.
In addition to reducing illness, frequent hand washing will reduce kids’ exposure to chemicals.  Skip anti-bacterial soaps, since they can be bad for the environment, aren’t any better than soap and water, and can contain pesticides that are absorbed through the skin.

Tip 6:  Skip the non-stick, the dangers of teflon.
When overheated, non-stick cookware can emit toxic fumes.  Cook with cast iron or stainless steel and bake with oven-safe glass instead.

Tip 7:  Your Green Holiday Kitchen.
Get tips for a healthy kitchen this holiday season.

Tip 8:  Filter Your Tap Water.
Use a reverse osmosis system or carbon filter pitcher to reduce your family’s exposure to impurities in water, like chlorine and lead.  Don’t drink bottled water, which isn’t necessarily better.  Mix infant formula with fluoride-free water.

Tip 9:  Get rid of that (toxic) dust.
Kids spend lots of time on the floor, and household dust can contain contaminants like lead and fire retardants.  HEPA-filter vacuums capture the widest range of particles and get rid of allergens.  Leave your shoes at the door so you don’t bring more pollutants inside.

You see, I was right!  Just like I blogged with Take Your Shoes Off Upon Entering!!!

Not only is taking your shoes off at the door a good idea for environmental health, it’s just plain respectful too.  And as Feng Shui masters remind us, it keeps the energy of the outside world – outside!  Promote the health of your blessed home.

Love Your Farmers Market

love your farmers market contest - help your market win $5,000 - vote today!

A market story… A few years back, Dreg and Sadie from All Natural Me spent a summer vending at the local farmers market. What a great experience spending an entire day baking fresh bread to wake up super early the next morning to try to sell wheat buns in the rain.  Sadie remembers all the nice folks who supported the local farmers and how lucky she was to have so much fresh produce to pick from.  Dreg remembers having to eat up all the soggy buns that didn’t find homes.  It was a good summer for every one.

We love our farmers market because all our friends grow there!


Tell All Natural Me why You Love Your Farmers Market and Vote with Care2 Today!

Genetically Engineered Wheat

breadman Boo!!  Those a-hole Agro-Monster Monsanto folks are at it again – trying to take over the world’s food supply with their GM crops.  It’s crap is what it is and it’s time to put our motto into action!  You know, Saving The World is Not a Joke at All Natural Me dot com… okay then, into action!

Visit OCA’s Genetically Modified Wheat Resource Center to learn why us health nuts are outraged and be sure to fill out their handy dandy form that sends out emails to all your Representatives and Congress persons to tell them to stop this *bleepity bleep* from entering our food supply.  Seriously, they make it so easy to feel like a politically involved citizen.  Do it right now.  And then if you have time, read their latest newsletter which includes an inspiring article on How to Grow Your Own Wheat and Make Your Own Flour – Wheee!  Now that sounds like fun.


Extended info for our nerdy blog readers:

Genetically Modified Wheat is a Threat to Farmers

We are seeing massive problems with the genetic contamination from neighboring farms with GM corn, soybeans and canola. Most of the soybean supply in the U.S. is already contaminated with genetically modified seeds. Many organic and conventional corn farmers are losing markets because their crops are testing positive for GM traits. Many experts have said that it is next to impossible to find non-GM canola in Canada because of this genetic trespass. Wheat pollen is even more pervasive than that of canola.

All these new GM crops are patented, which prohibits farmers from planting the seeds in subsequent years. This means that they must purchase the patented seed every year from the seed company. Monsanto sells 90% of all GM seeds in use today. This corporation is currently taking legal action against hundreds of farmers for saving seed, but many of these farmers have not planted Monsanto’s seed; their crops have GM traits only because of contamination from GM pollen. Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian canola grower, was sued by Monsanto and lost his case over this very same issue. His case is currently under appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Genetically Modified Wheat is a Threat to the Economy

GM wheat is a mortal threat to the U.S. wheat market. It is estimated that the loss of markets for GM corn, soy and canola has reached over 300 million dollars per year because the European Union will not purchase GM crops. The U.S. is the world’s leading wheat exporter. Many foreign companies have stated that they will not purchase GM wheat or any wheat if GM wheat is grown in the region. Korea is the fifth largest purchaser of U.S. wheat exports. The Korean Flour Mills Industrial Association has stated that they want GM-free certification of any hard red spring wheat they purchase. The price of spring wheat could drop by one-third if a GM variety is introduced commercially into Montana or North Dakota, according to agricultural economist Dr. Robert Wisner of Iowa State University. This will spell doom for North American wheat growers even if they decide to not plant GM wheat themselves.

GM crops are not required to go through any type of independent safety peer review to determine if they are safe for either human consumption or the environment.

We must oppose this theft of a great common resource and protect the sovereignty of independent farmers and our right to safe food.

Kudos!  Donate today to support the Organic Consumers Association in continuing to play a major role in promoting health, justice, and sustainability.  We totally love what they do.  Thank you OCA!

Tell Off Pesticide Peddlers

michelle_garden2Just in from Credo Action:

The Mid America CropLife Association (MACA) has a bone to pick with Michelle Obama. MACA represents chemical companies that produce pesticides, and they are angry that – wait for it – Michelle Obama isn’t using chemicals in her organic garden at the White House.

I am not making this up.

In an email they forwarded to their supporters, a MACA spokesman wrote, “While a garden is a great idea, the thought of it being organic made [us] shudder.” MACA went on to publish a letter it had sent to the First Lady asking her to consider using chemicals — or what they call “crop protection products” — in her garden.

I just signed a petition telling MACA’s board members to stop using Michelle Obama’s garden to spread propaganda about produce needing to be sprayed with chemicals. I hope you will, too.

Please have a look and take action.



Agro-Monster Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto is an excellent documentary by Marie-Monique Robin.

Get cozy with a cup of Non-GMO Soy Chai and watch this incredibly frightening documentary on the huge agro-monster Monsanto. These earth polluting bastards produce the herbicide Round Up and also make loads of money from its transgenic seed sales. Their decevious green website does not surprise me after seeing their lack of global ethics toward the small farmers in India and South America. Don’t worry, there are not excluding the crops in the United States, as they are screwing us too. Sometimes you have to watch out for those companies with pretty websites laced with green words, Ghandi quotes and philanthropic outreach programs. Do not just swallow the bologna with a glass of rGH milk, as Monsanto is definitely a case of a wolf behind a sheep’s mask.

Tune in to learn fabulous new vocab words such as transgenic contamination, BT Genes and political Revolving Doors. Awareness will also be made of the nasty effects that Round Up chemicals have on innocent families, independent farms and food dependence. You will never look at soybeans, corn or cotton the same way ever again.

What can you do? Ummm… pray for the survival of genetic diversity? Seriously, the best step is to keep buying organic and non genetically modified products. For the green thumbs, when you are growing your gardens and food, do not purchase GM seeds from these a-holes, as they are Seeds of Suicide! Stay away from hybrid seeds and make safe purchases from small seed companies like Heirloom Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

And of course, the most fun All Natural Me thing to do is Spread The Word!

10 Ways To Eat More Fruits & Veggies

 Here are 10 easy tips to help you get into the bunny mindset and get your munch on.

1. Start your day with fresh squeezed orange juice.

2. Cut up a banana in your breakfast cereal.

3. Snack on carrot & celery sticks all day.

4. Eat a salad for lunch.

5. Always stuff your sandwiches full with Green lettuce and tomato.

6. Eat an apple as an afternoon snack.

7. Juice daily. Enjoy combos like carrot-apple-parsley.

8. Squeeze lemon in your water.

9. At dinner, make the vegetable your “main dish”.

10. When you shop at the grocery store, go to the produce section first and always try something new.  Load up on the green goodness and when available, buy organic!

So, what do you think – are you getting your 5 to 9 servings of fruit & veggies every day?

Buy Organic or Go to Hell

Go to Hell Organics

A mundane trip to the grocery store has turned into a time of moral reflection for Dreg on the cost of organics. He truly wants to do right for the health of his family and to benefit the earth but can he afford it?

It’s a showdown between good and evil and a choice must be made.

Either way, is he willing to pay the price?

Produce Codes Actually Mean Something

Pop Quiz!

Who knows the produce code for bananas?

I’m not sure if it is from my debut as a checkout cashier in college or my life long label reading obsession, but I know the answer is 4011. Here’s a bonus question: Do organic bananas have the same code?

If you answered Heck NO! Then you are pretty savvy on the fruit stickers my friend!

All organically grown produce will have sticky labels with a 5-digit number that start with the number nine as compared to 4-digit conventionally grown produce.

Watch out though, genetically modified foods also have a 5-digit number that starts with the number eight. Avoid GM foods if you can. They haven’t been around long enough to know if they are safe or not.

Bottom line, remember the 9 starts for organics and you’ll be fine.

Happy Eating!