Precycling is Better Than Recycling

Obviously.  If you can REDUCE the amount that you consume, buy, waste, purchase, and use then you ultimately reduce the amount of items you need to recycle, thus saving resources all around.

Recycling is a wonderful thing and I wish all people would participate in the green act but we really need to get more people on board with precycling.  Planetpals can teach you and the kids how to precycle.  By taking a little action before, you can prevent recycling – in a good way!

Here is Planetpals top ten list of ways to PRECYCLE:

precyclelist1. Bring reusable bags to the store with you. Cloth or paper will do!

2. Buy Large Quantities. If you buy products in bulk or in large sizes and quantities, you can put them in smaller containers as you need them and this uses less containers.

3. Buy products with the least amount of packaging or none at all. Items packed in multiple containers may look nice, but they are a waste!

4. Buy products packed in recycled packaging. If you have to use a container, it might as well be green. Additionally, you help support green corporations. (Important: make sure you look for the recycled symbol)

5. Don’t buy disposable items (plates cups, pens, diapers, batteries, etc.) They only fill the landfill more.

6. Buy less paper towels and napkins or none at all. Use cloth ones!

7. Buy long life and concentrated items (batteries, bulks , etc.) This saves on packaging as well as product.

8. Don’t purchase styrofoam. It contains polystyrene, which is the most difficult material to break down in our landfill and is considered a hazardous waste.

9. Buy items in cardboard. aluminum, steel, glass, and plastic containers marked 1 and 2 ( They are stamped on the bottom 1 and 2). These containers can be recycled more easily.

10. Read labels for ingredients. Stay away from chemicals that harm our plant and animal life and poison our land.


Good for the Community
Good for the Environment
Good for You

Reconnect is a residential computer recycling program that offers you an easy, convenient and responsible way to recycle your used computer equipment. You can drop off any brand of used equipment at participating Goodwill donation centers in your area. It’s free, and you’ll get a receipt for tax purposes. What’s more, you’ll be helping protect the environment and benefiting your community at the same time.

Yep.  Total copy and paste going on there, but they said it so beautifully, why was I going to mess with it?

Isn’t this awesome??  Especially for those of us who live in rural b.f. egypt  (a place that doesn’t have good recycling program funding).  This is an easily accessible way to get our electronics recycled!  And at the same time as we unload all the other crap we don’t want anymore.

Thank you G.W.   We love your 29 cent racks.

A Winter’s Worth of Recycling

Dreg said our garage looked like the recycling center came over and took a shit in it…

His description was fairly on.

I just want to take a much needed moment to THANK him for taking multiple trips to get it all dropped off.

I know he only recycles for me 🙂

Love you lovie and I hope you had a great birthday!!

Want to see the birthday gift I made him?

See the counterpane at Much Metta Mama

Green Mall in Syracuse


Thinking green in Syracuse, New York.

Since we were in the area, Dreg & I skipped off with the kids to the Carousel Center which is a very big GREEN mall that yes, actually does have a full size carousel inside for you to ride. With all the comforts of commercialism abound, this shopping center has stepped up to be a leader in eco-friendly ways. They are 100% powered by green energy. It’s almost like responsible shopping… except you’re still probably buying lots of stuff you don’t really need.c

How fun for us to see green slogans posted everywhere along with recycling bins, no smoking signs, lots of green foliage and windows to utilize natural light. The green mall even rewards treehuggers with special parking spaces for energy efficient cars.

picture-154.jpg picture-158.jpg picture-159.jpg picture-160.jpg picture-161.jpg picture-163.jpg picture-164.jpg

Anyone up for a Rated “G” movie? Kudos to Destiny USA for their green work in Syracuse!


How to Start Being Natural Me Even if you know absolutely nothing!

Many people are hesitant about going natural and being more eco-friendly because they are aware of the odds being stacked against them and feel like they won’t make a difference. “I’m only one person, what can I do?” A lot! Never underestimate the impact YOU can have.

Have you heard the saying, “Think Globally and Act Locally”? Well it’s not just some nice sounding eco-babble; it’s so true! It ALL starts with you.

Sometimes people will ask me why I care so much about the environment & recycling and comment that my individual efforts are not going to change the world. I tell them they may be right! Alone, I cannot change the world but it’s a good starting point. Then, I tell them to eat compost. I’m going to keep living my life with a conscious and setting a good example so they need to start taking some notes. Act more and talk less!

Another thing people commonly ask me is if it is necessary for them to use organic deodorant or organic underwear or organic whatever? And I tell them, absolutely YES! Anytime you can show your support, buy organic! Whether it is body care, clothing, household goods or food; Organic is ALWAYS better. Support the companies who are choosing alternatives to pesticides and chemicals. Organically produced products are better products for the world we live in. So choose organic. Even your deodorant! It ALL starts with you.

Only you can make the decision to use natural products, eat organic foods, take healthy vitamins and start being more aware of issues that affect your health and the environment.
You can start living TODAY as a Natural Me!
These new changes may seem to only affect you but they collectively add to everyone’s right to a healthy environment. Mother Earth Thanks You!

The next step is to adopt your new Natural Me lifestyle in your home environment. Start using natural cleaning products. No more chemicals! Plain and simple, they are poisonous and pollute your indoor air. They do not add to your health but only add toxins to your body. Find eco-friendly cleaning alternatives and eliminate the hidden chemicals as well like artificial air fresheners, “fragrance”, moth balls, dishwashing and laundry detergents, bleach and bleached paper products and pesticides! Please stop using chemicals and pesticides. There are many other effective and safe options that are better choices for your healthy home.

Make recycling happen in your house. Plastics, glass, tin, aluminum, paper, cardboard and food scraps should not be allowed to enter the trash can. Get to know your recycling center and appoint a certain time each week or month to drop off your recyclables. Build or invest in a compost bin for your decomposable products like food, leaves and grass clippings. Start reducing the amount of waste YOU create.

When you go shopping, look for products that are recycled biodegradable and are not over packaged. Before you buy anything, ask yourself IF you really need it? Do you really need to bring MORE STUFF into your home? (and eventually into a landfill) Remember it’s REDUCE, Reuse then Recycle. Buy used, Buy Eco-friendly or Don’t Buy it at all.

As you are buzzing around trying to fight the hungry commercial demon inside of you, let your Natural Me lifestyle trickle into your car by using natural cleaning methods and only scenting your car with essential oils or herbs. Say goodbye to that fake smelling green tree you have dangling on your mirror and hang up a diffuser scented with real evergreen oil instead.

After you start being Natural Me within yourself, at home and in your car, then you can start sharing this new outlook in your daily life with your friends and family. Let the eco-vibe rub off on all that you do at school, at work and everything that you participate in. There is always a better way to do things. Teach others how to be more natural and create less waste. Encourage your school and workplace to adopt a recycling and chemical-free policy. Think about all the people you know. You have the power to make an impact on them all.

We are proud of you and are touched that you want To live your life as a Natural Me!

Remember, Change is possible and It ALL starts with one person ~ YOU.