Take Your Shoes Off Upon Entering


If you want to practice the most simple way to keep dust and dirt out of your home, remove the sneakers please.

Dirt is dirtier than you think as it can contain residues of pesticides, solvents, paints, mold, bacteria, lead and other toxins that you do not want tracked in your house.

Enforce the shoes off at the door policy to keep a cleaner healthier house.

Extra info about environmental health is available at environmentaloncology.com and you can discover 11 more simple ways to keep dust and dirt out of our homes with The Dirty Dozen Bookmark.

4 Replies to “Take Your Shoes Off Upon Entering”

  1. Threats, bribes, a little scolding, standing guard at the door…. the shoe rack is there and ready to hold shoes all the time but it is still someone hard to take them off.

    I was thinking about sewing up some slip on booties that could go over your shoes… like hospital booties ~ problem solved. ha!

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