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tappening.gifGlass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic… There are lots of containers to drink it out of, but what kind of water are you drinking? This is more like a survey, but it you want to have a strong opinion as to what’s right and wrong, feel free. The crew at Tappening.com certainly does. They feel you are better off drinking straight from the tap as opposed to purchasing bottled water.

Personally, my checkbook is one with them.  And of course, I also like the idea of not using so many plastic bottles for environmental reasons. Like everyone, I’ve guzzled my share of bottled water. Presently, I drink a lot of tap water, usually filtered but I’m not always so good about that. If I tend to get lax on the filtering, I just try to remember the last water report that my township sent out. Not exactly purified.

Here are a few other things that caught my attention on Tappening:

  • Drinking tap water not only supports mental and physical health, but is easy on the planet. People who buy bottled water are doing harm to the environment and acting out of ignorance. (Way to be blunt fellas!)
  • Bottled water costs as much as $10 per gallon compared to less than a penny per gallon for tap waters.
  • Making bottles to meet Americans’ demand for bottled water required the equivalent of more than 17 million barrels of oil in 2006, enough fuel for more than 1 million United States cars for a year, and generated more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
  • If you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend up to $1,400 dollars annually! The same amount of tap water would cost around 49 cents.

Check out Tappening.com – this tap water movement is growing quite big. You can even catch them hanging out on Myspace.  Did you find any info that struck a cord with you? And now, just for fun….

tn48.jpg All Natural Me wants to know –

What kind of water do you drink?

11 Replies to “Tap That Glass”

  1. I stopped buying plastic bottles last year and have a lot more $$ in my bank account now, it’s amazing how quickly it adds up buying a bottle here or there!

    Bought myself a stainless reusable bottle (really pretty tree design, reminds me of childhood, here’s a photo:
    now I drink like 4 bottles a day (which is a huge amount of liquid for me), and I know I’m drinking from a much healthier container, plus saving money!! Can’t go wrong there!

    1. Oh yeah, saving money is definitely a plus. That is a pretty desing on your water bottle. 🙂 Mine is yellow with blue, green, red butterflies and frogs all over it. I can’t send a picture because the mySIGG.com site is shutting down. 🙁 Glad I got my bottle when I did.

  2. Samantha, You’re bottle is gorgeous!! LOVE IT!!
    We’ve never been into buying water. I used to deliver pizzas and I LOVED having my wide-mouth Nalgene bottle with me. I would stop by gas stations and fill up for free at their soda machine (there is almost always a lever for just water). I would also toss it in the freezer at home when it was about 1/3 full of water, then fill it up with tap water when we were heading out the door — as the ice melted it kept my water cold for a NICE long time!
    I don’t know, I guess I could never quite figure out why in the hell I was paying money for water by buying bottled water, when it was free at home. At most, when we lived in places where the water quality was a little dubious, we would still use tap water, but use a filtering pitcher.
    And – side notes –
    1) How bummed are we ALL that SIGG bottles are now so hard to come by???
    2) I am really digging the “Think Global, Drink Local” – we homebrew beer, so drinking locally happens on many levels for us. Hmmm .. may have to get the hubby that bottle!

  3. Hey Sadie,
    It was nice to see you at Goodwill! I hope you bought some amazing things!
    I am trying to stop my dad from bringing bottled water into the house and want to but each family member a water bottle, I hope it works out, I already make my parents recycle and compost! haha!
    Thanks for the Info!

    1. It was great to see you too! You were the most amazing thing going on at G.W. 🙂

      And just so you know, I am still envying the rainbow-ish sweater you snagged! Good find.

      Much love to you and your quest to convert your family to switch to reusable.
      Families can be tough. I’m still trying to get some of my extended family to just… recycle!

  4. I was reading an article about tap water and reusable bottles in Natural Health. It said that tap water “gets tested regularly for viruses, parasites, and potentially cancer-causing chemicals such as phthalates.” It also gave a site to see how safe your water is in your city: epa.gov/safewater/dwinfo.htm
    Unfortunetly, my town or county wasn’t on the list. lol. Oh well, hopefully the site can help some of you. 🙂

  5. Bottled water, Yuck! Some have a funny taste to me.I drink tap water from my house. I usually fill two mason jars full in the morning and take them to work with me. For a bit of variety I put in slices of lemon, ginger or mint leaves. I just think water tastes better from glass. Plus you get a couple strange looks from people wondering what it is your really drinking.

    1. Mmmm – Love making mint water! I’ll have to try your ginger suggestion.

      And you’re right about people wondering “what” you are drinking when you reuse glass bottles that they recognize – like glass vinegar bottles!

      Much love!

  6. Bottled water is so expensive, like anything you buy continuously, it adds up! Anyone is better off drinking tap and buying something fun with the money one saves, or pay the bills! haha

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