The Duality of My Face


World English Dictionary – duality
— n , pl -ties
1. the state or quality of being two or in two parts; dichotomy
2. physics the principle that a wave-particle duality exists in microphysics in which wave theory and corpuscular theory are complementary. The propagation of electromagnetic radiation is analysed using wave theory but its interaction with matter is described in terms of photons. The condition of particles such as electrons, neutrons, and atoms is described in terms of de Broglie waves
3. geometry the interchangeability of the roles of the point and the plane in statements and theorems in projective geometry

I’m on day 2 of my blessed clarifying moment of not feeling well (NOW i really REALLY want to STAY in good HEALTH) – and since I’m laying around in this comatose sweaty sedated state, I got to thinking about a few things…

My Experience of Duality
The Interconnectedness of Yin & Yang
Contrast of wanted & un-wanted
The Balance Feminine & Masculine Energy

…and I remembered about these selfies I took a few weeks ago, capturing the duality of my face. I love that depending on whether you are one my right or my left, you may see a different aspect of my personality – one, soft, gentle – one, more sharp. They both exist in me.

And I got to thinking about how duality exists in our life – it’s always there – but we always get to choose how we want to feel, how we prefer to respond and who we want to be.

And then I remembered this video I watched the other day – it talked about duality and balance and frequency of matter and being able to change it all with vibrations. And being about to access more of you & your DNA via your emotions. And how everything exists in consciousness. And, I liked the sound of it all…

Spark of Light video:

And I like knowing that I don’t need to curse the contrast of my health right now. I don’t need to be disappointed in myself. For these moments tune me, allow me to stop and see what I was thinking/feeling/vibrating that wasn’t in complete alignment with that which I prefer.

I know CLEARLY the fear and negativity I had been wallowing in, that led up to “getting sick”. Because I know I didn’t “get” anything – I created this myself.

Like I create everything.

Now all I need to do is – chill. Take another nap 🙂 and allow my energy/vibration to rise. Get back to being positive.

Let my body do as it knows how to do.



The 5 Laws

1. You Exist
2. Everything Exists In The Here & Now
3. All Is One – One Is All
4. You Get Back What You Put Out  (Law Of Attraction)
5. Everything Changes But The First 4 Laws

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  1. I went through same/similar thought process last year with the flu and 104′ fever…not sure if it’s the forced slow down or slightly altered state but funny how the mind can be so vast/open/pliable/acutely aware when our bodies seem to be in lock down. Thanks for the reminder…but still hope I don’t get sick again this year.

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