The people who are my soil…

Today I was thinking about all the people who have helped me grow ~ as a person, as a friend, as a mother, as a crafter, as a baker, as a gardener, as a more self-reliant person and as an even better person.

And this evening I was really pouring out this incredible love and appreciation for all the good people who have touched my life and truly brought my life to life! These special people who continue to inspire me by their example. These beautiful people that I have to really thank for giving me all my best ideas. All these fun things that I love doing have grown from knowing you ~ Thank you thank you thank you…

And perhaps there is no such thing as coincidence to have had such an appreciative day than to find out late tonight that one of my dearest mentors has passed. Strange that my gratitude had been built up all day thinking of the people who are my soil, who i have grown from in so many ways, to have to say goodbye to a beautiful lady who graciously offered inspiration, ideas, guidance and encouragement.

Aline Nolet Huey, you are already so missed by so many. Actually, I was already missing you and was looking forward to your someday visit to Coolspring to deliver that tee shirt ribbing – which btw, I didn’t really need for anything, I just wanted to see you! You’ve inspired me with so many things ~ sewing, gardening, cleaning, repurposed crafting, bread making, canning, making videos on youtube (haha, yours were great!) and when I got the Lymes, you already knew all about that too when I was looking for answers. Thank you Aline, thank you so much for being my friend. I will think of you so much – when I use your old kitchen aid mixer making bread and when I attempt to sew up all the fabric you gave me, you will be right there with me in my thoughts & my heart, continuing to inspire me. Thank you & So much love to you ~


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