Therapeutic Touch Tuesdays

A few years ago,
it was a family tradition
to do Monday Night Massages. 

Well, it turns out that Mondays
can be kind of chaotic –
so that good idea 
sort of fell by the wayside. 

My intentions have reemerged
again in 2017 and we’ve now bumped
it up a day and relabeled it: 

Therapeutic Touch Tuesday

That way, it can encompass
all types of massage,
reflexology, shiatsu,
pressure points with acupressure,
healing stone work, reiki,
bodywork, and even,
good old fashion foot rubs. 

And that gives me an idea,
if we should forget all about
Therapeutic Touch Tuesday…
We will just follow up with a makeup day –
Foot Rub Friday!! 

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Make some new family traditions
for yourself and loved ones
this new year! 

Take care of each other!! 

Ps. Massage table from JCPenney lol 

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