Things needed for a bunny rabbit 

To have a rabbit as a pet, you will need the following items:

1. Timothy Hay 

It’s essential. Without it, they can’t poop. 

So you must have hay for them at all times!!

2. Food Pellets & Water

I order the same brand of rabbit food pellets or in a pinch I will grab a bag at Walmart. 

For water you can use the attachment that comes with the cage or order a bigger drip bottle. A dish of water would also be OK. 

There is a list of fresh greens & vegetables that are good for them – click here

Our rabbits eat kale, dandelion leaves, cabbage and organic spring green mix from Aldi. Carrots as a treat. 

3. Indoor cage

These are not outside rabbits. They need to be inside, loved, and brushed daily – or at least weekly lol

Here’s the cage we use: 

It comes with a side attachment to put the hay. 

We also have an adult rabbit right now in a wire dog crate. 

4. Litter Box 

Rabbits can learn how to use the litter box – use with unscented yesterday’s news litter. Place in the corner of their cage.  

5. Things to chew 

There are lots of rabbit toys and chewing blocks to choose from. They need one to help file their teeth.
6. Brush & Nail clippers 

Because they are so fuzzy – they need to be brushed so they don’t ingest their own hair.  

Their nails also need trimmed. 

Also, just for fun – we purchased our rabbits a specially made harness with elastic leash to take them outside in the yard.  

Pretty much everything you can order on Amazon!! 

Let me know in the comments when you are ready for your new bunny rabbit!! 

Or if you’ve received my phone number locally – give me a call!! 

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