Tinkering with Charlie Brown

Creatively inspired.

That’s what I like to be but, sometimes that crafty urge goes into hibernation!

On Instagram, I’m friends with @Tinkerlab and I’m always loving her stuff!! Well, as it turns out, when I crawl out from under my rock and look around – it’s amazing what I discover because this chic has an awesome website!!

Don’t you just love being woken up and inspired to do something fun? Rachelle at Tinkerlab.com got me feeling crafty and when I found a pile of ripped up vintage Charlie Brown comics on the floor (thanks Mars) I didn’t freak out – I just got my tinker on 😉

20120607-164846.jpg 20120607-164856.jpg

20120607-164906.jpg 20120607-164913.jpg

Are you a fan of Charlie Brown & Snoopy?

If you Like this collage – good news, I’m giving it away for free at Listia – click here!


2 Replies to “Tinkering with Charlie Brown”

  1. And I’m so glad we’re Instagram buddies! So, is Charlie Brown yelling at Mars for ripping up his comics? I love how you turned this sad pile of comics into something spectacular. BTW, I LOVE your bangs and wish I could rock that look. Boo hoo for curly hair.

  2. Boo hoo – your comment was waiting for me to approve it 🙁 it had to be in there with all the spammy web search engine & ‘thank you for the great article’ comments for 9 whole days!!

    shame on me & my bangs – which by the way, DO curl if I don’t blow dry and beat into submission! But the good thing about having hair made of wire is, once it’s there – it stays.

    haha, see you on instagram mama buddy & tinkerlab

    <3 'n it - sooo much!!

    i have tinkering catch up to do!!

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