Today i

Ever Wonder at the end of the day what you actually got done?

Why, take a quick minute, jot down a quick list
and celebrate your accomplishments!


~ cleaned with glory
~ battled the dining room table & won
~ fought 3 rounds with the floor & lost
~ dishes dishes dishes
~ laundry of course
~ vacuumed heater vents & stairs
~ tried & loved my homemade coconut rose shampoo
~ self massage moisturize session
~ did a few reps with the dumbbells
~ drank lots of tea
~ took b-complex
~ started a batch of citrus enzyme cleaner
~ whipped up a berry spinach smoothie
~ wore a poinsettia apron in October
~ enjoyed the sunshine
~ visited with me mum
~ chicken chores
~ Pinterest duties
~ Facebook stalkings
~ ate a portobello cheeseburger
~ loved the family
~ kissed the family
~ drank more tea

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