TOMS Shoes Wish List


Oh How I want, need, need, want a new pair of TOMS!

A few years ago, this kind lad emailed me about his shoe company. He wasn’t just selling ordinary shoes, these were the most generous shoes I had ever heard of. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes were GIVEN to someone in need. He offered to send me a pair of TOMS Shoes and I greedily, I mean, graciously accepted his offer and quickly sent him an email – Send Shoes 🙂 Size 9

Hooray! Shoes for Sadie! Thank you Blake!

Well since then, I have wore these babies and wore them and wore them. Heck. I am still wearing them despite the fact that I have seriously wore them out! I need a new pair and I can’t decide which ones I want. I’m so stuck on my navy blues, that I almost want to order another pair of my babies because they match so many of my outfits but, I do feel like change is good.

You can help my indecision by voting on the four pairs that caught my eye. Or visit and tell me which ones are your favorite! I am definitely sticking with TOMS for my next shoe purchase. It feels so good to support a company that is helping people in need, the shoes are really comfy and I already have the tan line so I’m committed to TOMS.

So out of all the fabulous styles to choose from, here are my top 4 TOMS shoes to pick from: prod_202.jpgprod_147.jpgprod_141.jpg toms.JPG
Decisions! Decisions!

Wow – check out the ones with the pasty white legs! Those shoes have been worn and loved! The only thing that I would love maybe more than a pair of TOMS shoes, is a pair of TOMS Wrap Boots.

Ahhh…. the wish list continues….

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    1. HAHAHA!!! Sorry, I REALLY AM NOT meaning to post to this thread so many times (and literally all within a few minutes of each other) – but I hadn’t clicked on your first choice Sam when I posted my most recently coveted style!! Great minds think alike I suppose!! Too bad the sizes on that style are so limited.

  1. Sadie,
    I’m voting for the shoes in the upper right corner: the Be the Change ones. That’s one of my favorite quotes!!
    I saw this site a month or so ago and was really bummed to see that they didn’t have any that I was digging in my size. Probably a blessing in disguise, since hubby would not be happy with me buying another pair of shoes! 😛 Still though, an awesome company!
    BTW – who ended out winning July’s top commentator spot, me or Sam?? We were running neck and neck there for a bit! ha ha 😀

  2. LOL, that is funny that you picked the same shoes as me. 🙂 Great minds really do think alike! haha. Maybe they’ll get more in our sizes, so we’ll just HAVE to buy the olive ones. 😀

    I would also like to know who won for July! lol. MamaT and I were playing kind of dirty trying to take the Top Commentator spot. LOL. Looks like we’ll be competing with Green Maureen too for August.

  3. Dreg got me a pair of TOMS for V-day this year. Yep, he just tossed the box up on top of the refrigerator and said, there ya go. So sweet….

    Funny thing, this pair wasn’t even on my wish list – imagine that – but I’m loving them anyways. And the nifty canvas bag that the shoes come in, I’m reusing to hold my cloth moon pads. Thanks TOMS!

  4. So no pic showing off the new shoes Sadie??? C’mon, you gotta show us now!
    Ole Dreg is such a romantic! 🙂 — And Dreg, in case you read that .. I’m being kinda serious … all I keep asking for is straw and mulch, so new shoes is pretty sweet!

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