Too Tired to Save The World

With Earth Day right around the corner, you’d think I would be on a manic hippie high just waiting for my turn to hug a tree. But I have to confess that all the commercial hoopla and green bandwagon jumping has me a little zapped. Don’t get me wrong, the more green folks, the better. I just wish it was more participating quality and not just mindless quantity.

There are so many people that desperately need to get a clue about green issues and natural living that I shouldn’t complain about how hypocritical Walmart’s green initiatives are or whine about how shopping in general can’t truly help support the environment. I should just be thankful that eco-issues are kinda being presented to our country of Wal-tards and hope that green inspiration grabs hold of them and not just their checkbooks.

Is Earth Day the New Christmas?

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we were all giving each other gifts of dandelion necklaces and sweet Earth Day caroling. Unfortunately, most supporting “green” business owners just want you to buy – buy – buy! And are even ready to plant a f’n tree just as soon as you purchase their new blah – blah – blah. It’s almost too silly. And just for fair warning, only click the f’n tree link if you are very brave and have a strong stomach for naughty words.

So what do you do when green exhaustion strikes you?

Really, I would love to know! Personally, I just lumber along and keep doing all the green things that are always on auto pilot for me until I can purge myself of my sourness. Usually one or two abusive blog posts will do it. Then it’s time for re-inspiration and there’s nothing better then hanging out with the wild bunch in the All Natural Me Myspace group.

If that disappoints, then I’ll read my favorite email that I got from The Universe this week.

Rainbows and butterflies, cattails and dandelions, waterfalls and rainforests, puppy dogs and dragonflies, sea foam and orcas, sunshine and comets, snowflakes and ice cycles, wildflowers and Sadie Cherico….

Did I think of everything, or what?

Crazy, sexy, cool,
The Universe

Nothing like some Unconditional Love from The Universe to remind you how wonderfully important you are. Then abracadabra! I’m ready to save the world again.

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