Tour of the Spring Garden

I am such a farmer.

And I definitely consider our raised beds (thank you Dreg!!) as the best new toy around our semi-country homestead.  Seriously, I delight in them and even though it’s growing on a rather small scale, it makes my ego feel huge with accomplishment – especially when the spinach tastes so darn good!!

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2 Replies to “Tour of the Spring Garden”

  1. Great video! Your garden is going to be so gorgeous, especially with the raised beds! That’s a great idea…. I might have to do that in my backyard. It’s also so nice to actually hear your voice! lol You should definitely do more videos. Love the bare feet, by the way. <3

  2. Sam – you are so lovely & sweet! You should totally have your own beds to play in – it’s so fun!

    The garden is busting out CRAZY so I will definitely have to do an update video taping soon!

    I do have some other random videos @

    I just watched 2 of them and was blushing at what a silly goose I am.

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