Tuesday Giveaway – Printed All Natural Mezines


Sometimes it’s nice to hang things up or have a piece of paper to use as a reference – I was playing around with the copy machine and have some moderately well printed extras to share!



This week’s giveaway is for two sets of printed All Natural Mezines – the first seven issues will be sent to two blog readers. To enter, just comment on this post. For extra entries, share this post on Facebook or re-tweet the tweet tweeted @allnaturalme 🙂

Everyone and anyone can always be a winner here & pick ‘n print your favorite ezines for free from the archives.


Thanks for entering and I will announce the winners here next Tuesday – heck, maybe we will even do another giveaway then!

Much love!

And they’re on their way…



8 Replies to “Tuesday Giveaway – Printed All Natural Mezines”

  1. Kiri & Mindi – go ahead and email me your shipping addresses!!

    Sharon – I know where you live!

    Everybody’s going to be a winner – thanks so much!!

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