Power Up Your Vinegar to Kill Germs


Have you seen this? This image is very similar to the ones that have been blowing up Pinterest & Facebook –

What is it? Just orange peels in vinegar – soaking for a week or so to make a natural cleaner. It extracts the essential oils of orange and really kicks up the cleaning power of the vinegar a notch.  Not to mention makes the stinky vinegar smell really good!  What do you usually do with citrus peels? Just toss ’em? Well, now you can reuse them to infuse your vinegar for cleaning! Perfect.

Try using peels of orange, clementine, tangerine – and dare I say, try grapefruit or lemon for fun. Lime? Sure, why not. For as much as you clean, have fun and save some money by making your own homemade cleaners.

The next jar of vinegar sitting on my windowsill is a recipe from The Bulk Herb Store for 4 Thieves Vinegar –

Here’s a way to kill some germs!


2 tablespoons Rosemary
2 tablespoons Sage
2 tablespoons Lavender
2 tablespoons Wormwood (i only had fresh)
2 tablespoons Peppermint
2 tablespoons fresh, chopped garlic **to be added after herbs have soaked for 2 weeks!!
2 quarts of apple cider vinegar (i only had white)


Just put everything in a jar, cover with vinegar of some type & let it sit for 2 weeks.  Then add the garlic – whoops, I already added mine – I’m such a rebel with directions.  Okay, maybe just a huge over-looker when reading quickly.  Oh.  Well.  IT WILL BE OKAY!!  Don’t you think we all get caught up in the WAY to do it.  Seriously, it all works out fine in the end.  Just throw some stuff in the jar and add vinegar!!

Shake when you think about it, shoot for every day and when you are done with your vinegar concoctions – strain them out into a spray bottle.  Add water to dilute to the strength desired and get your spray on.


Not sure if this is Martha Stewart approved decor – but I like having domestic science experiments on the windowsill 😉

Ideally, you should store them in a dark place or refrigerator.  Personally, I’ll use these up pretty quick cleaning up all our kiddy, kitty, crappy, muddy messes so it won’t matter a bit – Ha!  Home sweet home!! 



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