Whatcha Wanting {light heartedness}

*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait / wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting light heartedness in my mind, heart and spirit. With birthdays approaching, the season of Christmas upon us, and the memory of losing a friend still fresh, my heart yearns to be light. I learned my lesson from last year that any expectations are only self-imposed and doing too much, only puts you down in the gutter with physical stress.

I am wanting this lightheartedness because I need to get back to being the joyful being that I truly am.

Peace is there for us all. Between family celebrations, connections with friends and being in the awe of nature ~ all I need to do is allow myself to be one with Winter…



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  1. Lovely post. I wish the same for myself. Have a great holiday and a wonderful New Year full of light and love energy. Peace to us all 🙂

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