Whatcha Wanting {rinse & repeat}

*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting… what I always want, the same old damn things –

{be healthy}
{birthday bliss}
{calm parenting}
{holiday cheer}
{light heartedness}

STILL working on them, every day.  I temporarily catch hold of one, enjoy it & lovingly watch it slip away… the chase begins again.  My ambitions take turns capturing my attention… keeping me busy all day.

Lots of fun.  Lots of Love.

And, you know it,

Lots of  *Bliss*


2 Replies to “Whatcha Wanting {rinse & repeat}”

    1. Thank you!!

      I’m loving that song too! If you get the chance, visit her website to listen to the others, fun stuff ~

      I will have to thank my husband for telling me about it (Thanks Dreg) and he’ll have to thank the radio guys (Opie, Anthony)

      A whole lotta thank yous going on here…

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