Whatcha Wanting {be healthy}


*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting my body to feel well… really well.  I want to feel strong and resilient.  I want my skin to be calm, my intestinal tract to be balanced & my a-hole to be happy.  I want to be healthy and vibrant.

I am wanting these things because the highlight of the day should be more than worrying about my butt.  Seriously, I have better things to do!  I want my health to be so good that I can always count on feeling great.  I appreciate my sickness letting me know that I am disconnected from where I need to be.  I am thankful for my agony for motivating me quickly to get back on track with wholesome eating and being mindful of my choices.  I sometimes need the contrast of feeling terrible to know that I much prefer to stay in…


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