Whatcha Wanting {birthday bliss}


*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)


I am wanting an independently delightful birthday.  Regardless – of – everything.  Which means – it needs to be delightful to me no matter what happens or doesn’t.

Most people, I think, rank their special day according to what others can and will do for them.  Or wait to see if people even remember their special day.  Or maybe there are other birthdayers who get oddly annoyed by people doing things for them because it’s obvious these people feel obligated to perform a certain duty instead of giving from a special place in their heart to this extremely special person on their day of birth.


… of one or more of those.  But not this year!!  No ~ Now that I’m turning 28 for the sixth time, I’m turning over a new stone or leaf or rock (what is it?) – oh hell, I’m turning a new page and am ready to grow up a bit this year.  Yep, I’m going to try to be bigger and not be such a brat.  It’s like this year, I’m ready to make an announcement to everyone that… YOU’RE OFF THE HOOK!!  I’ve taken full responsibility for me and LOVE YOU – regardless.

I am wanting this absence of expectations because then I can be in an open state of allowing to enjoy the day as it unfolds – as it is.  Happiness is not anyone’s job but my own.  Knowing this and applying this to my life, really allows me to just love it all.  No one needs to lift me up because I’m already up there!  And then, when one of my true blue friends reaches out with a birthday wish… it is oh so sweet.

The celebration is at the ready.  The love is all around me.  And I am certain, this sincere appreciation flowing from me is because I’ve already allowed my heart to be in…



:: ~ ::

Fellow Bloggers, what are you wanting?  Please share a link to your Whatcha Wanting Wednesday posts in the comment section.  No blog?  Just say what you’d like to manifest here & co-create your desires with me.

Much Love,

2 Replies to “Whatcha Wanting {birthday bliss}”

  1. I’m wishing you a fabulous birthday and lots of love. I got the surprise masquerade party of my dreams, so I can only cross my fingers and wish that for everyone else! I’m wanting a downpour-less weekend so we can get our garden in. Simple things, really.

  2. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! No surprise masquerade party but still, a great day. Kudos, by the way, to the organizer of your bash – that’s crazy fun!

    I hope you get your weather wish! If not, you might have to be hard-core and garden in the rain 🙂

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