Whatcha Wanting {calm parenting}


*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting to approach these beautiful beings as a sacred mother, as a parent that is kind, thoughtful and unconditionally loving.  I want my words to feel peaceful and sound warm.  And if they should turn sharp, to knowingly choose a silent presence.

I want these things always because in my life, they are my priorities, they are my now, they are my why and my reason – they are my god, my goddess, my love, they ARE my life.  They are my favorite deary ducks and most cherished treasures.  They are light and love and I adore them so much, that wanting to be my best and love from my highest self, is truly what is best for all of us.

Now really is the time to stop parenting according to others’ expectations and enjoy parenting from love with all your heart, soul and…


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